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Naked Soul

It was my first Remote shoot with Stephan. last time we shot together was in a Person shoot and this time it was a remote shoot but it seemed like we are both in the same room, Stephan is very good with direction. very professional. While organising shoot he gave me every small detail which helps me to set the lights and background according to the concept.

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For my Model Tour in Switzerland I have opportinuty to shoot with Stephan.

I really like working with him, it's really friendly & cool Photographe.

I'm looking forward to shoot with Stephan again


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Eva Kisimova

I worked with Stephan :)

very nice and friendly person, great feeling and great photos.

I recommend to all models

I hope to have other opportunities to work together

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I had a great time during our shoot with Stephan. He is fun, professional and easy to work with with fully-equipped studio. I can highly recommend him :)

Thank you for your shooting again!!


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Naked Soul

This was first Remote Shoot with Stephan. I always love working with him In Person as well. He gave me detail about MoodPlan & Lightplan before shoot. Shoot went very well. Highly Recommend.

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