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Superb first shoot with Alex, So very glad we got to meet and work together.

Incredibly creative he bought lot's of ideas to the shoot, was happy for me to pose freely. The shoot overall was very relaxed and we got some amazing images!

Hope to work with again soon.


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Faith Starr Model

Had the great opportunity to work with Alex. He is truly an artist with loads of amazing creative ideas ad props to go with it. Unfortunately we had such a short time to work but was able to create some of the amazing looks we were going for. Any model will be lucky to work with Alex, highly recommended!

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Alex is a really creative photographer - he brings not only lots of props to his shoots, but also great ideas and lots of passion. And he also has a great eye for the details. Highly recommended!

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Jem Rose

I worked with Alex today and I had a great time! He knew exactly what he was after and brought some really cool props with him!

He showed me some of his previous work which was amazing and I can't wait to see what he will produce from our shoot together!

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