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Had my first shoot yesterday with Peter, and it was an absolute pleasure, he was so polite and understanding that I was going to be alittle later than discussed due to childcare and handled it so professionally.

When I arrived he helped with my bags and offered me lunch before we got started, he is so well organised with folders to pick out clothes and styles rather than looking for hours through the huge array of clothes he has.

Choice of clothing was beyond belief from dresses to bikinis from jackets to hats and an extensive range of jewellery and body pieces I was over the moon with the outfits we both chose and got some amazing images in the end which we took the time to sit down and write down our best ones which I thought was great.

He also send me home with a box of chocolates and new diary to keep me organised (how thoughtful)

100% would recommend Peter he is a one of a kind photographer so down to earth and a real gentleman thank you for having me and I look forward to working with you again in the not too distant future x

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I finally got to shoot with Peter for 6 hours yesterday. The time flew by and we got through so many sets.

He is so organised and has so many outfits and jewellery. I enjoyed trying different outfits and he had a good eye for detail on what outfits work well and where best to shoot.

His home has lots of back drops and the most gorgeous sofa to shoot from!

He was very accommodating and had bought in gluten free and vegan milk and snacks which I found so thoughtful and kind. He is very easy to get along with and I felt relaxed around him.

The images we created we so good, every one was good! He was kind enough to let me look through the images and pick some favourites which was very hard. He's even sent me 7 edited images the following morning. I couldn't believe how quick that was and how great they look.

I'd 100% recommend him and would love to work with him again in the future.

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Naked Soul

It was an amazing shoot with Peter! incredible all around. we did a shoot in his home studio, A great photographer and first of all a great person. he has such a nice collection of outfits and jewellery. had a great time shooting and created some fantastic shots. he takes care of his models very well, gives enough breaks, Pre communications were good and is 100% professional.

I was lucky to meet his sister at home, what a lovely lady. love talking with her about gardening.

Highly recommended!!

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Anna Chumakova

Had my first shoot with Peter. Really easy to get along with and work with and super polite and nice. His portfolio pictures are lovely so I'm sure that he will have got some super shots and is somebody I would happily work with again, as it was so easygoing and professional! And it was very nice he gave me a box of chocolates as a gift:) Highly recommend!

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I had a lovely shoot today with Peter, he was super organised and had so many outfits to pick from.

He was very friendly, easy to get along with and professional too.

I was so appreciative of how accomodating he was with my dietary requirements, going out searching for gluten free vegan items can't have been easy!

We discussed a second shoot and I'm already looking forward to getting it arranged.

Thank you so much :)

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Rosie D

Had an amazing shoot with Peter last week! His studio is based in his home with some fantastic backgrounds to choose from, open space and loads of natural light. Although I brought clothes with me, we barely used them as Peter had such an incredible collection of clothes and jewellery. He was so fun to spend the day with and even provided snacks throughout hahah!! We got some great pictures and had so much fun doing it. Thanks so much Peter

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Paula W

This was my first time shooting with Peter at his home. We have gone through a lot of different outfits indoor and outdoor. Peter was an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s very kind, has a great personality and the photos we created together are really amazing! When I arrived at his home, and he showed me the outfits he has I was literally shocked! There was so many and every single one was different. He is so organised and puts a lot of effort in to make the shoot perfect. We originally had our shoot booked for 4 hours, but when Peter asked to extended by an hour, I didn't even have to think twice, of course I was more than happy to stay and shoot for longer!

Really enjoyed shooting with Peter and of course I would love to shoot with him again! Hopefully sometime soon :)

Highly recommended!

Thank you for an amazing shoot and great images Peter :)

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Czech Beauty

Had a second shoot with Peter at his home and what a great day that was! Peter is ever such a great host, you will never be hungry or cold. Peter has a great selection of clothes as well as jewellery you can be there all day and still have many more to choose from. We took some great images and i even received a box of chocolates on my way home. I had absolutely fabulous time and i would definitely recommend Peter to all models.Thank you :)

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Tamyka Jones

Shooting with Peter was an absolute pleasure! He is professional, polite, friendly and incredibly well accommodating. We shot at his well equipped home studio, I was thrilled by his impressive array of wardrobe options and jewellery - which he keeps so well organised making the shoot planning and the outfit changes so efficient! He really makes sure you're well looked after, and you definitely won't have to worry about going hungry! The day went so fast and I had so much fun. We captured some stunning images that I'm really pleased with.

An amazing photographer, I look forward to working with Peter again, and I would 100% recommend him to any model!

Thank you Peter for a fabulous day,

Tamyka :)

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Natasha J Bella

I had another shoot with Peter and it was absolutely brilliant. Not only is Peter a wonderful host and an absolute pleasure to work with, he also had a room full of outfits and jewellery and we had a blast working through many ideas. Great shots achieved so easily with good chats along the way. All making for a perfect day and productive shoot.

I have no hesitation in recommending Peter and as this was not the first time we’ve worked together I would always look forward to working with him again in the future.

Thanks Pete :)

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Nicky Phillips

I recently shot with Peter at his home. Peter is so very welcoming, has more outfits than me. I loved working with him. We shot for 6 hours and the time flew by. I would recommend Peter to any model.

Thank you for a lovely shoot I hope to work with you again in future.

Nicky x

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Carla Monaco

I shot with Peter last weekend at his lively home in Winsford.

Peter shared the shoot with Photographer friend John Gannon and we were joined by model Nicky Phillips.

Peter is super lovely, kind, professional. He made me feel so welcome in his home and provided snacks, lunch and refreshments throughout the shoot.

I love working with Peter and I hope we can do it again soon.



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What a great shoot! That was the second time I worked with Peter and, similarly to the first shoot, I thoroughly enjoyed it. As always, Peter was professional, organised, passionate, bubbly, chatty, just an absolute joy to be around. 

We had 5 hours this time and we just couldn't believe how quickly it went, most probably because we had so much fun shooting together. With the amount of ideas and outfits we had, we could have shot for many more hours :) Peter purchased a few beautiful pieces especially for our shoot which was such a nice touch.  He also provided a lovely lunch. 

Peter is probably one of the nicest people I have ever worked with - very kind, polite, accommodating, thoughtful, the list is endless. It goes without saying that Peter is of course highly recommended.

Peter, thank you so much for an awesome shoot and a lovely Christmas gift. Again, such a nice touch. Can't wait to work with you again! Xx

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Rebecca Perry

Today I had the opportunity to meet and work with Peter in lovely Chester at his home studio & What a pleasure it was! I cannot recommend Peter enough!

Fantastic pre shoot communications, everything planned/organized smoothly.

Also very personable on the shoot and we had some fantastic conversations during the session which helped keep things relaxed. If you shoot with Peter you will get 1.An enjoyable fun shooting! 2. Great comms, 3. Excellent on set experience, 4.Excellent images he is very respectful and a lovely person.

Peter was kind enough to provide me with a healthy lunch and even bought me a little Christmas present! Today’s shoot has honestly been my favourite in my

Six year modelling career!

Thank you very much for a brilliant day & I look forward to working with you again in 2020! :-)


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Everly Rose

I had the most lovely shoot with Peter yesterday after he booked a slot on my lighthouse shoot.

Peter is such an amazing person. Kind caring hilarious and full of energy and ideas, we laughed from start to finish.

Peters pre comms were excellent and he arrived with a bagful of lovely clothing to use which was a unexpected surprise.

Peter is a excellent photographer and had the most amazing light with gels to change up any image. He allowed me to give creative input and went along with my crazy ideas and we produced some amazing images, too many even that I couldn't pick between them.

Highly recommended and I hope we can shoot together again soon.``

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Jenny Ai said...

I had another fabulous shoot with Peter again at his beautiful house today.

He picked me up from the train station and we started the shoot after a nice cup of coffee. Peter really has great taste when it comes to modelling clothes and jewellery. He is such a friendly easygoing person and a great photographer.

Our six-hour shoot just couldn't have been any better. So was the lunch!

He dropped me off at the station at the end.

Thank you so much for a wonderful day, Peter. Hope to see u again soon.

Definitely highly recommend this gentleman to any other models!

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Wow – what can I say, I had an absolutely awesome shoot with Peter, thoroughly enjoyed it from the start to finish. Peter booked 5 hours with me on 24/04/2019, we shot in his beautiful house and it could not have gone any better.

Peter is not only the most kind, thoughtful and genuinely lovely person but also a great photographer. He made me feel so welcome and comfortable at all times. It literally felt like I have known him for ages. He was very attentive, constantly checking if I was ok with everything, he also prepared a lovely lunch that was such a nice touch.

The communication prior to the shoot and after was excellent. Peter purchased several outfits especially for our shoot which again not only added to the images but also was such a lovely and thoughtful gesture.

In the 5 hours we had we managed to produce some great shots. We were literally flying through different outfits and poses and probably could have shot for several more hours!

I cannot recommend Peter highly enough. He is such a joy to be around, a true gentleman and a great photographer.

We are already planning another shoot together. Peter, thank you so much!! Xx

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Czech Beauty

Had a lovely first shoot with this gentleman.His pre com. Was great and I was told everything I needed to know for our shoot.When I arrived to Peter's house,I was treated like a princess.He has a great collection of clothes to wear which is bonus.His house is beautiful and perfect for photoshoots.On our lunch break Peter sorted a variety of foods,which i really enjoyed.We had laugh throughtout the whole shoot and time flew by.On the end of our shoot Peter had for me a box of chocolate on my way home which just made my day.I would definitely shoot with Peter again,his images are amazing!Thank you and I am looking forward to work with you again soon! :) xx

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Rachelle Summers

I had a lovely afternoon working with Peter for the first time on Sunday!

This was my first tour of the year and we worked together at my airbnb in Chester. Peter turned up on time and we had a good old natter about some of our interests, I instantly felt at ease in his company and felt like I'd been working with him for years!

We worked our way through lots of different looks, and Peter had some fab little tops/outfits with him. It's always great getting to work with different props rather than working with your same wardrobe all the time :)

From what I saw on the back of the camera we produced some wonderful images together! AND he brought my my favourite chocolates - brownie points right there :P haha!

Happily recommended by me and hope to work with him again in the future!


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Worked with Peter last Thursday. Was a lovely and welcoming man. Made me feel so welcome. Peter had lots of clothes and jewellery for me to shoot with and get creative. We done a few different shots and absolutely loved every single one of them. Would defo recommend him for all models.

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