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I had a great shoot with Doug. His energy is absolutely fantastic and he was so easy to get along with.

We had some clear discussions in advance of the shoot so I knew what to expect, we traded some poses for a little inspiration and created some great work together.

Doug was punctual, friendly, full of laugher and just an all round delight to work with. I was comfortbale with him at every stage of the shoot, from lingerie to some art nude styles to finish.

I would highly recommend him to all creatives and hope to work together again in the future. 10/10 for laughs!! :)

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Pixxie Satine

I had a shoot with Douglas the other day. His wife kindly picked me up and dropped me off at the station, and we shot in a beautiful woodland location. Douglas is friendly, down to earth, professional and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend him.

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Today was my first photoshoot with Douglas, and I have to say it went very well considering I was a little nervous. However, after conversing with one another, I began to realise that he was a lovely, down to earth man who remained professional throughout the whole day. He respected my wishes and boundaries, both equally having a laugh and overall, creating some lovely photographs in the end. I would highly recommend working with this character of a man.

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First shoot with Doug and it went really well. Comfortable and relaxing to work with and he brings humour to the environment to break any ice. I would highly recommend him. He takes ur opinions on bored along with his constructive direction to develop the vision and create the shots intended. Was an all round excellent experience

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Lady McFaraway

I've really had a lovely time working with Dughlas today. We had been planning a shoot together for a while and I can totally say it was worth the wait. A very friendly and laid back photographer, really easy to work with and professional at all times. He chose a fantastic location and made the most of it, I'm loving the images I've seen so far! Looking forward to our next shoot already :)

I highly recommend to work with this talented tog.

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Another fantastic shoot with Doug. As usual, always making me laugh and feel at ease. Creatively, our ideas for the shoot fit really well and the results were spot on. Doug has a great eye for "the money shots". Looking forward to working with him again in a couple of weeks. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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Second shoot with Douglas and what can I say, he is an absolute gem to work with. Always making jokes and putting a smile on my face. He is completely professional and attentive to models' comfort levels and needs. Always pleased with the end results! He has a keen creative eye and can spot the best place to shoot a mile off! Already planning our next shoot and I simply cannot wait.

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Dùghlas and I had out first shoot together in a location he didn't know. That was not an issue for him and got set up with the new environment in no time. Great directions for poses and best lighting, careful in reviewing the shoots before moving to a next pose. Dùghlas is also a very funny person and the time with him flowed fast. A pleasure to work with. Highly reccomended!!

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Had my first shoot with Dùghlas this morning. What can I say, he is absolutely fantastic to work with. Very chatty and easy-going whilst maintaining a high standard of professionalism. I felt completely at ease from the moment he stepped through the door. A great artistic eye. Already in the process of planning our next shoot together, and I can't wait!

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Dùghlas MacUilleim and I wee both arrived early to the location of the shoot. Right from the start we started chatting away which made our first meeting very comfortable.

During the shoot I felt very relax, we worked as a great team when deciding locations and poses.

Dùghlas MacUilleim you can see his passion, skills and professionalism in every single photo as well as being a lovely, fun and friendly person.

I highly recommend Dùghlas, you will have fun and amazing pictures.

We already planning our second shoot...

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Dùghlas is a cracking person. Full of energy and excitement. I had my first shoot with him today and from minute one was like we worked together before. He makes you laugh, you feel comfortable at all times with him. I really enjoyed a lot our walking, involving also getting lost, and his way of working. Recommendes 100% and will I look forward to work together again. Thanks for the great time!!

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Emma Maria

Just got back from my shoot with Doug and I had an amazing experience with him. This was my first shoot since signing up to purpleport so I was pretty nervous. Within a few minutes he had me feeling relaxed and comfortable. He is very professional and extremely friendly.. the shots I seen looked awesome and he even talked me through lighting etc. Can't wait for the next one with him. Highly recommended for first timers or even experienced!

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