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Leda Ogden

Many thanks to Laurie for the fun and lovely shoot. He kindly picked me up at the railway station, and we drove to Hyde Park, where we spent a few hours taking diverse and interesting pictures. Laurie is respectful, fun, attentive to detail and always willing to share his experience and offer suggestions and tips for constant improvement. I enjoyed the shoot very much and would definitely recommend this photographer to anyone. Many thanks as well for dropping me at the station--it was much appreciated! :)

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I had my first shoot with Laurie. He was well prepared for our shoot and came up with some amazing ideas. Laurie is easy to work with, good fun and great photographer. I am really happy with result. Laurie, thank you so much for an amazing day and i look forward to our next shoot.

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I had such a fun and relaxing shoot with Laurie with lots of laughing throughout. He had some ideas for the photo shoot which was amazing with direction. We then moved onto some glamour style and made use of the props and background of the studio. Laurie was so energetic and passionate which made me really enthusiastic. I would highly recommend Laurie for pre, during and post shoot. He was quick in response with details and time keeping.

Thanks for a fun shoot Laurie.

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Opk said...

We worked with each other and the team at IAMRAW Make up catwalk show for Makeup- Arts (Katy). Wildfalcon/Lurie is easy to work with and spoken to. I would love to work with him in a different environment/different and unique shoot sometime in the future! :-) thanks so much

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Mandy ~

Laurie was full of energy and enthusiasm at the IAMRAW show, at which he photographed MakeupArts's (on here) work as well as the moments of the event.

Laurie has a creative interest in photography and worked well within the team, capturing some quieter moments throughout the evening too, which I liked. It was good to work together.

Best regards


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Lajze O'minelli MakeUp

I worked with Wildfalcon last weekend. He welcoming, professional and full of ideas. The atmosphere on the set was terrific, we were like a big family, helping eachother out with tasks. Whole crew was just fantastic. Highly recommended

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Hayyah said...

It was great experience to work with Wildfalcon and rest of our photo session team.

He already came up with a bunch of new ideas we can use in next sessions,

trying to reflect this "something" inside model - that's always the best. Recommended.

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MakeupArts said...

My shoot with him was amazing. Not only the whole group was fantastic but also his pictures turned out to be an eye catcher. Do work with him yourself and experience his pofession in photography! Well done!

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I worked with Wild Falcon at an art nude workshop evening. He was very respectful and professional but very friendly and he brought lots of great ideas and really has a good eye and some of the images he showed me looked stunning! A really lovely photographer and a lovely man! Would highly recommend working with Wild Falcon!

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Moorita said...

Wildfalcon is a close friend and an outstanding photographer who manages to capture a special trait of my personality every time we work together. I feel like I'm learning something new about myself as an artist with every shoot, which is massively inspiring. In front of his camera I relax very easily and feel completely unintimidated, ready to discover things I didn't know were waiting to be expressed.

As a talented model you should be able to have that experience too (and I certainly wish it to you!).

In a true English gentleman's manner Wildfalcon "forgot" to mention his credentials so here is a little summary: he wrote an eBook for photographers, is a mentor to others on the scene and has even created a successful business around his passion for photography.

Grab hold of a slot in his busy diary while you can! :)

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