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I had my first shoot with a full face of beautifully done makeup from Helen Saturday and wow what a massive difference to the shots it made! Helen is incredibly good at what she does and I would highly recommend! She’s spot on with explaining everything she’s doing and keeps you involved at all times on why or how she’s doing it. She takes pride in her work and it shows on a massive level. Thank you so much and look forward to working with you again 🥰

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GlossyPinkLipstick G.P.L

Helen stepped in last minute and assisted with Hats with Jayne. She is dedicated and knowledgeable and did a great job. I met her on the day and she is very chatty. Made several looks under the direction of JEM


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Jayne Elizabeth Millinery

Helen stepped in last minute to help me out on a Vintage Hollywood Glamour Styled photo shoot in March.

Perfect communication and pre shoot preparation. She created some wonderful looks for our two models on the day and was a lot of fun.

Great to work with and definitely recommend.

Many thanks for your help Helen!!


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I had the pleasure of working with Helen at the weekend.

A very knowledgeable lady and talented MUA. Her prosthetic work is amazing and she's extremely good when it comes to dramatic make up.

I've just seen a couple of images from the shoot and she made me look like a Hollywood icon!!

Thank you Helen... it was a pleasure meeting you.

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Ariel Taylor

I worked with Helen for the first time for An Eye For Beauty's 'Le Cirque des Filles' project.

Helen had the challenge of transforming me from a normal human to a 'big cat' feline in under 3 hours! I am still astounded and in awe of how she achieved such detail in such a short amount of time.

I could tell Helen wanted more time to do more base coat layers to avoid any 'patchiness' and wanted more time for detail. However, both An Eye for Beauty and I thought she had done incredibly. Not only did she work at the speed of light, the detail was just stunning- especially the face make up.

Helen came fully prepared with all her equipment, but even extra things that the photographer hadn't even asked for- for example, leopard print nails! Helen went above and beyond to create a work of art. I feel very privileged to have been chosen to work on such a project.

As mentioned before, Helen spent 3 hours working on me, in which time she made sure I was as comfortable as I could be and held delightful conversation which made the time go by very quickly indeed! Professional and lovely start to finish.

I really hope I get the chance to work with Helen again :)

Anyone considering booking this lady for her services should absolutely go ahead and do it!

Highly Recommended

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An Eye for Beauty

Helen was the first body paint artist with whom I have worked, and she certainly delivered. I had already booked 3 days of shoots at Natural Light Spaces with 3 different models including Ariel Taylor, and in casual comment I discovered Ariel was up for full body paint as a 'big cat', the only 'animal' in 'Le Cirque des Filles'. This is a circus themed project I am creating over the initial months of 2020. A fourth day was accordingly booked.

It was clear from the outset in our communications that Helen was determined to create something fantastic, and in the end we agree Ariel would be 'a leopard'.

I knew this would take up to 3 hours to achieve, and so booked 'Nicky Phillips' to work with on other circus roles while we waited for the artistic work to be complete. The shoot ended with this fantastic feline and Nicky as her 'tamer' in some amazing shots. It was the culmination of the week. Helen had put amazing detail in to the painting and make up and even provided appropriate nails/claws! She remained throughout the rest of the shoots, transforming Ariel's hair into that of a 'wild' animal and touching up where necessary. She worked modestly and professionally, and although like many artists she could think of more to do, Ariel and I were more than satisfied.

Helen's artistry is amazing. In one sense 3 hours work could only end with a limited number of images, but these were truly awesome.

My first experience was a very good one, and although something of a niche market, if I ever need another creation, I wouldn't hesitate to call Helen. Highly recommended.

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Second time working with WS, first time was as a bodypaint model, this time she was the artist applying the bodypaint. I do not use the term "artist" lightly, her work is fantastic, I can see why she gets invited to take part in the World Bodypainting Championships.

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Peaches Du Jour

Oh my, what can I say! What an extremely talented woman! I modelled a headdress made by Whimsical Sorceress and she also did makeup for today’s shoot. Not only is she is a super talented professional, she is a wonderful woman. I was extremely happy with everything about the makeup and it was really an honour to model her fantastic headdress! I really hope to work with Whimsical Sorceress again would 100% recommend this fab woman to anyone looking to work with her!

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Helen came to my studio once again :) this time to work on a headdress she had made. Wow, such talent - she is extremely artistic in the headdress designs she comes up with and the makeup to match the headdress is first class. Helen works in an extremely professional way but brings a lot of fun to each shoot she is involved with. I would definitely recommend Helen to any model and/or photographer if you want that professional look on your next photoshoot.

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Tia Louise

I had an amazing shoot with Helen!

She has such lovely intricate creations (made by herself!) and I got the chance to shoot one of her beautiful headdresses :)

Helen is professional,friendly and made me feel very comfortable while she was doing my makeup and all the way throughout the shoot, She’s a pleasure to work with & I hope we can do more on the future, thanks again

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Prodel Photographic

What can I possibly say to do justice to Helen's creativity and professionalism?

Helen came to the studio with her lovely model and headdress so we could shoot an elaborate headdress arrangement under studio conditions.

It was a long, hard day and Helen was prepared for every eventuality, working patiently and professionally throughout until we got the shots we were all after.

From pre-comms, throughout the shoot, and through post-shoot reviews, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Helen and I hope we'll be able to work again soon.

Thank you, Helen: you're a STAR!

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Nigel Doherty

Just to re-iterate the recommendation make under the Prodel Photographic reference, as Photographer for the day, Helen is a star and a delight to work with, in every respect!

Thank you, Helen, for a great day :-)

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I had a pleasure to work with Helen, she made two different amazing makeup looks.

She is very talented both in make up and hair! She uses a lot of different techniques, airbrush etc, has a lot of accesories.

Thank you very much xx


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Wild Ginger 92

Fabulous collaboration with this higly talented mua again!

Worked with this lady a fair few times and every time there's amazing results!!

She's very good with putting up with my indecisions and produces different work everytime

A very lovely and considerate person who makes me feel at ease when anxiety strikes

I definitely higly recommend!

Thankyou so much for another amazing collab!

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Helen came to my studio on Friday on a team collaboration we organised as a training/portfolio building day. Wow, such energy - she worked extremely hard throughout the day, having 2 models to look after and 2/3 separate looks for each model. These looks ranged from classic evening to colourful character, and even a headdress was included into one of the looks :) A very highly skilled makeup artist who will certainly add style and that 'wow' factor to your images. I highly recommend Helen and I hope to work with her again in the near future.

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Chloé Julia

Wow, I am so pleased to have met Helen! I stepped in last minute to model for a body paint, I was hand painted by Helen and I was so blown away by the results. Her talent and creativity are endless. I would 100% reccommend her, what an amazing artist and person :)

Look forward to working with her again in the future!

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Had the pleasure of hosting Helen at my studio for a music themed bodypaint.

As usual Helen came armed to the teeth with props, paint and a seemingly endless creative streak that makes her a pleasure to work with.

Needless to say the end result was incredible and I highly recommend Helen.

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Simon Reynolds

Applied to a request for a photographer, by Helen for a body paint shoot.

Plenty of communications prior to the shoot,

When i got there the model Danni was painted up, various backgrounds were setup and used for the shoot,

Both Helen and Danni loved the images off the back of the camera.

Helen is a highly skilled MUA and i look forward to when i can work with her again.

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Mazz Loxton, Hair and Makeup

Helen assisted me at the world body painting festival last summer and was very patient with me in the high pressure situation. Great communication skills and produced a great piece herself the day before in her own category

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Mark Boulton Photography

Well what can I say I have worked with Helen quite a few times now and she is fabulous. Polite professional and her attention to detail is second to none. The Chinese bridal theme was amazing every minor detail taken into consideration. She is friendly and a joy to work with, and no doubt we will be working together in the near future.

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