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Mug-Shots Photography

Had a great shoot with Claire today, what a lovely lovely lady.

Pre shoot comms were great, Claire brought the outfits and accessories she said she would.

The images on the back of the camera are just how I envisaged them.

Claire is easy to work with, nothing is an effort or seems too much trouble. She is a happy, chatty, smiley person and is a real pleasure to work with. She certainly looks a lot younger than her age.

I would recommend Claire to any photographer and I hope to work with her again.

Thank you Claire.

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A wonderful shoot with ClaireW after a little planning and organising, we managed to arrange a date for a joint Venture with AliceSmall for a few image sets. Claire was well organised, comms were excellent, and Claire was so easy and a pleasure to work with. Following an initial coffee and shoot discussion Claire and Alice soon were ready and good to go in the outfits. Both worked extremely well together and had so much fun. Without question I would highly recommend Claire and look forward to arranging more shoots very soon. Thank You

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Dave Belsham

This was my second shoot with Claire and it was just as much fun as the first.

The theme for the session was broadly based around bondage/fetish and we experimented with chains and shibari style rope work. Neither of us had a great deal of previous experience with these styles but, with much of patience and goodwill on Claire's part, we managed to get her nicely trussed up and ready for the camera.

It was a long session, but really didn't seem it as the time passed very quickly. Claire is very easy to work with and she sustained her good humour throughout.

Thanks Claire! I'll start working towards the next project.

Highly recommended.

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JS Photos

Claire asked me if we could do the shoot earlier than we had planned and I was happy to say yes.

It was a long journey to me for Claire and although she was delayed she made up the lost time by extending the shoot.

We started by chatting and getting to know one another and then when we were relaxed we started our shoot. This I find is the way to get good photos.

Claire is lovely and easy to work with and we produced the images that we were both looking for. It is good when a model has ideas to bring to the table and I always welcome their contributions.

We viewed the images on the back of the camera at regular intervals and made adjustments when needed Our chatting continued, we had some breaks, and a lot of laughs. By the end of our shoot I felt I had known Claire for years.

I will book Claire again soon and look forward to that time. Highly recommended.

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Another shoot with claire23 as always great fun. Claire is a lovely woman easy to talk to and work with I said it all before but it worth saying again. take direction well and can self pose always great outfits and a great smile 100% recommended

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Dave Belsham

Following on from clear, prompt pre-comms, Claire showed up right on schedule and was well prepared with everything we'd agreed for the shoot and more besides.

This was our first time working together, but Claire is very much a people person and we were soon chatting away easily as we got started with the shoot.

Claire was happy to take direction and posed freely when left to her own devices. We worked through a number of different outfits and lighting setups and created a good collection of images.

Thank you Claire! The shoot was good fun and very productive. I hope we can work together again soon.

Definitely recommended.

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this was booked very last moment and i know i was not on my normal form as i was suffering from jetlag. we got thought a couple of sets but actually it was more like a social event as we chatted a lot this is my third shoot with claire and she is very easy to work and get on with we will have to rearrange to get the other ideas done but it was totally my fault not Claire at all Claire arrived ready to work on time

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Rich G

Don't believe this girl's age - she has the figure of someone 15 years younger!

Claire is fun, down to earth and fabulous. The epitome of MILF - Model I Love to Foto.

Add a great sense of humour and easy smile to that lovely figure and you have a recipe for great results.

Thanks Claire xx

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I've been wanting to have a shoot with Claire for some time and finally had a shoot with her.

Pre-coms was great and various styles of shoots discussed .

Claire arrived with a great choice of clothing and she was comfortable and confident and didn't need much direction .

A lovely lady and would love to work with her again.....soon.

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Claire showed up on time, very easy to talk to and great fun to shoot with, poses well and holds the pose well, also follows direction very well. looking forward to working with Claire again soon. would highly recommend

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the asylum

Claire attended at shoot at The Asylum recently and was quite taken by the whole raw feel to the small but unique shooting area.

She arrived open minded with the ability to create some darker genre to her usual standard of shoots to which she excelled in and brought such drama and passion into.

A fantastic model who is not affraid to try any most genre

Be great to have claire work here more often

Thank you Claire

The Asylum

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Had an incredible shoot with claire today after many months of trying to find a date we was both free

Claires shoot today was a little different to what she shot ingeneral

We used a grungy studio area and darkend her style of shooting

Claire excells in every genre she shoots a very easy going young lady with fantastic comms and such a delight to work with

Shall be reshooting soon



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Horoma Photography

Claire and I met up again with some very clear ideas that Claire wanted to explore.

Communiction with Claire is very good and she turned up on time with everything discussed and she is a great person to work with.

Another great shoot and what looks to be some great pictures.

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Horoma Photography

Claire and I had discussed a variety of different styles to shoot and unfortunatley time beat us from completeing them all.

Claire worked well in what was new genre's for her and seemed to enjoy the experience.

Very happy with the results that we achieved and look forward to a return visit.

Highly recommended.

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Had the great pleasure of working with Claire . Communication prior to the shoot was excellent. She is very easy to work with, good natured and good humoured, We had a last minute complete change of location and outfits and she was not put out at all.

Very happy to recommend her

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After a long pleasant Pre-Comm with Claire we met at the train station on the day of the shoot.

She came with lots of ideas and without knickers as promised ;)

The shoot has been fun and smoothly proceeded. She is proactive and love showing off in front of the camera.

It was short but intense, and we are definitely looking forward to another shoot in the near future!

Looking forward to see you again C!

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Had my first shoot with the lovely Claire a couple of days ago - although the weather was a bit freezy, she did pose like a pro on an outdoor shoot, arrived with many clothes and accesories. We did a great shoot, and planning the next one :)

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Had a second shoot with the lovely Claire.

She is professional, full of energy and gives 100% to a shoot.

We had many laughs.

Highly recommended, look forward to many future shoots.

Thanks Claire xx

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A few days ago I had the immense pleasure of working with Claire in my studio. Communication prior to the shoot was excellent and prompt replies were received every time. This enabled us to discuss the various ideas that we planned for the shoot.

Claire arrived right on time and with various items that we had discussed for the shoot.

The whole shoot went remarkably well and we were able to cover a wide range of styles.

Claire has boundless energy and remained enthusiastic throughout the shoot.

She is very confident and has a natural flair for modelling.

I hope that we may get to work together again in the not too distant future.

I have no hesitation in recommending her

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This was my first shoot with her. She is an extremely positive, very driven and focused. She has maintained herself very well. She is easy to communicate. She is versatile, expressive and can demonstrate a wide range of looks and poses. She loves to have fun while shooting.

She is very reliable, organised and highly recommended.

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