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Had another fab shoot with Wally, always a pleasure to work with him as he’s got such an eye for detail and has a great personality!

We worked through various different sets, and had my very friend Marcus (Dark Horse) join us so a great group of us to work together.

The time just flew by, and the image previews I have seen are fab!! If you haven’t worked with Wally yet then I’d highly recommend doing so!

Thanks for a great shoot and I’m already looking forward to the next one! :D x

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Had my first ever Purple Port shoot with Wally and I loved it!

Him and Gloria are super friendly, as well as his gorgeous dog 🤩

The communication before and after the shoot has been outstanding and the images coming back are fantastic.

Would definitely recommend and looking forward to shooting again.

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Finally got the chance to work together the other week after having been in talks about a shoot for months but never actually getting a date set in stone, but I have to admit it was definitely worth the wait!!

Wally is great fun to work with, I don't think I stopped laughing throughout! The energy flowed throughout the whole time we were shooting, and he had some great and rather quirky tips for different poses too. He has a very unique way of working and an eye for detail where he can get some of the best but different shots out of people which I really love!

I would highly recommend working with Wally if you haven't yet and I thoroughly look forward to more shoots with him in the future. Thanks once again for a fab time and until next time! :D

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I started working with wally in early 2019. You can see in my previous reference from my makeup purpleport that wally was a pleasure to work with on set and a very professional, respectful and creative photographer.

I have been working with wally ever since then and as both a HMUA and a model. Wally has given me priceless advice and has even helped me kick-start my career as a model. He is always thinking of new ideas, his work reflects his professional attitude and passion for his art.

His comms is second to none and he will always ensure images have been retouched to a high standard.

Not only has wally helped me progress in my career, I now consider him a friend. Thanks for the good times, wally!

I would highly recommend wally to anyone in the industy.

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Peter Revel-Walsh

I had seen Wally's images and had wanted to shoot with him for a few years and I was not disappointed great shoot and had rapport with Wally straight away.

Creative with passion and works to get the best out of the session and I can see from the images what he does works.

Really enjoyed the shoot and look forward to working with Wally again.

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Jasmin Page Make Up

wally was a pleasure to work with. A very professional, creative and friendly guy who makes you feel really at ease.

Communications before and after the shoot was great. His photos are amazing and I would definitely love to work with him again.

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I had the pleasure to work with Wally a couple of weeks ago. He and his team were brilliant at communicating the entire time, before, during and after the shoot. He made me feel very welcomed and explained the process very nice and clear. I would recommend working with Wally because you will get some amazing photos but also more important you will have fun at the shoot and feel comfortable during it. Thank you, Wally. It was a pleasure working with you, Laura and Gloria.

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I had a the pleasure to work with the amazing and talented Wally at his studio in West Sussex and what an amazing experience.

Wally is a creative Photographer and puts his soul in what he does no wonder his photos gives me chills.

Wally was very kind to pick me up from the station and drop me back.

I felt very welcomed and relaxed.

I highly recommend Wally and look forward to work with him in the future!

Top photographer✨

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Lola Lucious

What can I say... I had my first shoot with Wally yesterday and not only that he was my first shoot with a tog off PP and what an awesome and fun shoot we had. Although Wally is professional he is fun, straight to the point and importantly respects all boundaries. He has great comms, and you will be laughing before you arrive.

I was with him for 8hrs and I laughed and smiled non stop, he made me feel extremely comfortable.

We got some great images and I hope to work together again!

Would recommend a shoot with Wally all day long. X

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Molly Malevolent

I jumped back into Wally’s World for the second time I love this guys work. We managed to get some awesome shots even though I was on a time limit. As always a nice chilled atmosphere and great communication before, during and after the shoot. Can’t fault him. Here’s to many more shoots together in the future x.

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Molly Malevolent

I could not recommend Wally enough. I met Wally a couple of days before the shoot to discuss what we both wanted to get out of working together and was made to feel at ease by his professionalism. The day of the shoot was very relaxed and I was made to feel very welcomed by Wally. The day went without a hitch and we were able to bounce ideas off each other all day resulting in some great images! After our shoot Wally has worked tirelessly to edit and send me the images we captured and I cannot thank him enough. I would love to work with him again and recommend him to everyone.

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Lil' Dread

I got to experience working with this magnificent portrait master Yesterday! I entered Wally's world and we clicked instantly. He was super chilled, great atmosphere but we got loads done! A constant flow of coffee and fag breaks, always a bonus! There was great communication from the get go and Wally made a real effort to get to know me before the shoot. Wally had a constant flow of ideas and our two creative minds connected! His work, character and attitude is so inspiring. So glad we booked a shoot on impulse and can't wait to share the results in my portfolio! I would jump at the chance to work with him again, and if you haven't already you're seriously missing out. This guy will add something trully special to your pp! Highly recommended! 🤘

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After fighting my way through the fog to get to Wally's World the penultimate day of 2016 I entered the domain of the Magic Man behind the camera who has a different manner of photography and that is what I liked about his dark, grainy and chiselled style.

After the initial one to one of what to expect and how he wants you mixed in with an element of trickery because while I was getting composed he was taking candid shots of me on every angle of my face and upper body until I realized and he had got a whole host of features of my face.

I have a whole host of different images that I am very pleased with so get yourself booked in all you lovely Models out there if you want something with an edge to your profiles....10 out of 10!!!

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David branco

I had the pleasure of attending one of Wally's 1-1 sessions after looking at his genius work.

Wally makes you feel at ease and comfortable within moments of meeting him enabling you as a photographer or a model to work with him at total ease and get great results every time with ease.

His 1-1 sessions are great and you get what its says on the tin, you even get some pie.

Go to wally world to experience his 1-1 sessions or to be photographed by him leaving with a unique masterpiece that you family and friends will fight over.

Top bloke, great pie and and iced cold T shirt to cool you down........

Ive even made a great friendship with him.

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Well I've entered Wally's World, and got the T-shirt 😊

This guy is amazing. Pre comes excellent, felt like you new the man before you see him. Once in his world he makes you totally welcome and relaxed.

Had a brilliant time with Simon, seeing how he works was an eye opener. Learnt loads from the man and had the pleasure of doing some portrait with Sophia Moon. Coffee was there in abundance, cousant and even apple pie.

Recommend anyone to do a 1on1 with this man

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Nick Price

I had the absolute pleasure and honor to do a 1 to 1 tutorial session with Wally.

His work speaks for itself, why would you not want to learn from a man that so consistently produces stunning Images.

He is clear in what he is teaching, but above all has a demeanor that will have you feeling completely at home in his company within no time at all and that relaxed feeling as a photographer or model is what gets the stunning results.

What he does and how he does it is an eye opener and quite an experience, I am not going to go into detail for that you can go and meet him yourself.

I am sure I will be going back for more, it was simply so worth it.

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Bryanna angel Allen

I was lucky enough to work with simon friday and wow .

The results were amazing .

I made up the very talented Mark Ryder for a horror series with simon .. The day was a blast .

His photography skills are amazing and on point ,

His pics show a drama in the face of clients that I've never seen any other tog capture ,

Each pic has a look in the eyes only he can capture and create .

His work is loved by other togs I know which can only show the quality and unique style of wallys world ..

And it is a world .. His description of poses.. Stories for shoots would get anyone in charactor.

I truly love working with this tog his pics are outstanding And his personality is infectious..

I creative genius ..

Bryanna angel allen mua/sfx

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So, shoot number 4 with the mighty Wally and top mua Bryanna-Angel Allen and what a corker it was :) Although Wally may actually be most recognised for his stunning atmospheric portrait shots, not only have we now covered portraits in our shoots but we've done some location shoots (Goff Park near Wally and also very recently the Greenwich foot tunnel) and this time around some full on horror shots (slashed throat and cockroaches included) which have already been accepted for publication.

As such, not only is Wally up for experimenting with new ideas and styles, not only can he adapt his style to suit the theme but as usual the day was a blast and a good time as had by all :)

Not only that but as usual all of the shots from the shoot have Wally's distinctive style mixed in with stunning results.

Go see Wally, his fees are very respectable, you will have a fun day and you will get stunning results. What's not to like? All good! Totally recommended :)

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Mike Croshaw said...

Wally was second shooter for me at a wedding recently. He is very good at getting on with people, which is incredibly important for a wedding and I was able to leave some very important shots to him, which he pulled off with ease. The bride and groom loved him and he produced excellent work consistently throughout the day, while always being on hand to help me. I'd totally recommend Wally for weddings and he can second shoot for me any time:)

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Michael T

Yesterday I hade the great opportunity to enter into Wally's world. It is quite a special place. I responded to his recent casting call for a photographer to sit for a portrait. It was a great and worthwhile experience.

Easy to get along with and it is obvious why he propducing some great images. Easy going and very relaxed and he is both creative and inspirational. The evening flew by.

How could you not recommend this guy?

I enetered Wallys World and survived for the better.

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