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Venom has 8 references; 8 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Shot with Ryan for the first time was a great shoot, very talented photographer gave great direction and knew what he wanted out of every shot, also had a good laugh and very easy-going. Pre comms were professional and straight forward too would definitely recommend :)


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Had a great shoot with Venom the other day.

Pre comms were really great, and we were able to organise the shoot easily. We met at a beautiful hotel and I received a warm welcome.

We went through what were going to be shooting, and I felt at ease instantly. We got some great images and I hope we can work together again. All the best, Alice

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Had a good first shoot with Venom today, pre comms were really good and when it came to meeting, he’s a really fun, laid back guy! The shoot desitantion was perfect and he had lots of ideas of the sort of image he wanted to achieve. Venom was really good fun and easy to shoot with, I would recommend Venom to anyone!

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Second shoot with Venom, he is a lovely guy & great at what he does.

I really enjoy working with him & recommend him to anyone else.

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Megan Rosie

Had an amazing first shoot with Venom!

He’s a real pleasure to work with, he made me feel completely comfortable and had lots of ideas to get a brilliant shot!

He’s a very lovely man with great conversation and a real passion for what he does!

I would definitely recommend him to anybody.

Thank you again, Venom x

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Jasmine Loux

Had a great shoot with Venom last week!

Made me laughing all the way through the shoot, he has a great personality! He is laid back but you can tell he is also passionate about his work :D

He went through all the shots on the back of the camera after which was great. The images look great and I 100% recommend working with Venom!

Hope to work with him again in future :)

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Ms Tiana Kaos

Had a lovely first shoot with venom! very enjoyable, he was polite, made me feel comfortable & knew what he wanted to create/great shoot

definitely recommended

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Had an awesome shoot with Venom, I love the photos! He’s perfect to work with and can’t wait to work again together soon!

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