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Nigel WHP

Had another amazing shoot with Peter today, He has to be one of my favourite photographers for his creativity. We did a duo shoot with me and another male model. Communication before the shoot was fantastic as always. We did an Nude and clothed artistic take on master & servant. He is a very professional gentleman and easy-going with lots of creative talent. We collaborated very well together throughout the shoot and would highly recommend him to other male or female models.

Cheers Peter for a great shoot :-)

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John Robins

Really appreciated the opportunity to work with such an experienced photographer. Peter arrived punctually and knew exactly how to get the most out of the day. We were probably working quite quickly but I never felt rushed or under time pressure. He is easy to talk to, and takes on board my suggestions. The shoot was ‘art nude’ duo with another model and Peter managed both of us confidently. From my perspective a great day. Peter is very highly recommended

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Well what can I say another great shoot done with the incredible Peter as usual very professional such a funny chap to love working with Peter we have another shoot very soon which I'm looking forward to and sharing my ideas with Peter not only is he incredible to work with but he also has alot of passion for photography and puts in alot of hard work and dedication thankyou Peter till next time...


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Ahh Peter is ace! He brought a range of outfits for me to model for various adult style magazines, and it was so fun to be able to do my fave expressive style modelling!

We grabbed a few art nudes at the end too (I think??) - we got through so much in the 2 hours that it’s hard to remember. The shoot was well-paced though with breaks and plenty of good banter. We enjoyed working together so much that we’ve started planning for a second shoot!

Thanks for being super fun!

Lila x

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Amber Belle

I met Peter at a group shoot recently and he was a dream to work with.

What a lovely guy! He had such a great energy and was so much fun to shoot with and chat too.

I'm so impressed with the images that I have seen from the shoot - Peter is a great photographer and also incredibly talented at editing and is clearly very creative!

I hope that we get to shoot together again before too long and I would recommend very highly to all other models!

Thank you very much for an amazing first shoot :)

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Had another shoot with Peter after having some time of moddelling what can I say Peter really is a true professional he puts such hard work and effort into his shoots along with his incredible editing, Peter will also have a big wardrobe full of everything you could possibly think of he is a very creative photographer and has so much passion for what he does not only that but you feel so comfortable working with Peter as he also likes to work as a team and is very professional thankyou Peter and thankyou for all your hard work you do, much appreciated.... HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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Had a first shoot with Peter, it was so awesome, pre comms was on point, Peter explained well what he would like to achieve. Arrived on time, so laid back, enjoyed plenty of conversation and put me at ease. I would definitely recommend anyone to work with Peter, top rated 5 star rating. Hope to work with Peter again sometime in the near future.

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Nigel WHP

My second shoot with Peter today, this time at Studio 58 for a book that he is writing! Peters pre comms were excellent and the 2 hour shoot just flew by. Peter had his own ideas for what he was looking for but was also open to my ideas too. I felt very comfortable at all times during the shoot and found Peter to be very respectful, reliable and professional.

We had a good chat after the shoot and even discussed ideas for a second possible shoot. I’m really looking forward to working with Peter again and he comes highly recommended 5 Star Photographer.

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miss black reign

Second shoot with visionsA - absolutely blast of a shoot, he always brings me amazing things uk wear ! And we always have such a productive shoot. Would not hesitate to recommend:-)

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Yohoi k

Had a great shoot with Peter in Kempston studio ! Peter is great at catching images and bring a lot of interesting costumes and boots let me try ! We tried lots of different shoot style ! And I am very happy I am chosen to the magazines in July ! Great job! Highly recommended

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Zara Fox

Had an amazing shoot with Peter yesterday!

Even more so because he loved my very out there bright pink fluffy heels! :)

Got some fab images!

Hope to shoot again in future!

Thank you Peter :)

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Ivy Rose Gehenna

Had my first shoot with Peter at my studio day at Studio Fifty Eight.

Peter was a joy to work with - such a lovely, easy going person! Very respectful and talented too, made me feel very comfortable from start to finish.

10/10 recommend! :)

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My first shoot with Peter was amazing.

He was super helpful and very professional throughout the shoot and gave us some very useful directions . He explained to me what will happen before and after the shoot which was very important.It was an absolute pleasure to work with Peter as he is very chatty, fun and patient person.We had lots of laughs which made me comfortable throughout the shoot . He was so kind and offered to give my sister who was with me at the shoot an early birthday present of some great images for her 40th birthday. Overall he was fantastic and will Highly Highly recommend him to everyone and looking forward to working with him very soon

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My first shoot with Peter was amazing! He was chatty, funny, polite and just everything you want from a photographer, I’m already looking forward to working together again and would definitely recommend him!

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Miss Class

I shot with Peter at my studio day at Kempston studio

And wow such a lovely guy.

Chatty and made to feel fully comfortable

Knows exactly what he wants to achieve and took some great shots that I can't wait to see.

Felt very flattered to have been booked by Peter as his work is really amazing

Thanks again Peter for coming to work with me. I hope we shoot again soon 💕

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First time shooting with Peter at a group shoot event at Tank Space.

We used the rain setup, and Peter was patient and also creative in capturing my crazy active poses. And although I might be sometimes clumsy when experimenting, it did not phase off Peter, he managed to get some really crazy poses.

And there is a possibility to get some recognition by being published. Thank you very much for such a great opportunity.

Highly recommended to both professionals and beginners in the field - he will catch you.

Looking forward to the next shoot.

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Had fantastic shoot with Peter in Kempston Studio few weeks ago:) He s full of creative ideas and very fun to talk with ! I really enjoyed our photoshoot and definitely look forward to work together in the future . Big Recommend to any model!

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Natasha AK4790

I had a great remote shoot with Peter from UK-Turkey!

Peter was clear and professional in his pre comms, he gave me a good idea of what kind of thing he was after and where the images would be published to.

We had a few technical difficulties on the session but we got lots of great photos and had a great time creating them :)

Highly recommended.


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This was my first time working with Peter - we shot together at my studio day at Kempston Studio.

Peter was a pleasure to shoot with! He was friendly, chatty and super easy going. We shot a range of different sets and he had some amazing outfits for me to wear for some of them too. The 2 hrs we were shooting just flew by!

Peter also did a bit of experimenting with lighting and we captured some amazing images using a single orange light.

A really productive shoot - I look forward to seeing the results!

I hope to shoot again very soon :-)


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Eden Rouge

Had a great first shoot with Peter!

His pre shoot comes were great and clear, he was punctual on the day. He was professional and respectful at all times and captured some brilliant shots.

Would highly recommend and look forward to working with Peter again!

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