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Jade Sakura

I got in contact with Viktoria for a retro skater girl shoot. I knew she would be the perfect mua and hair stylist for this! Working with her before, she is great at what she does and on board with the shoot. I would highly recommend working with Viktoria and hope that we get to work together again in the near future!


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Barry Davison-Mallard

Viktoria leaped into the breach at very short notice indeed.

Highly professional and personable, she made our brand new model (on her first shoot):-

1) Feel comfortable

2) Look fabulous

3) Good as new after I mucked her up with a shaving cream shot.

She created the two different looks I wanted ... exactly.

Thanks Viki,

I look forward to working with you again sometime .... when you will be first choice, not first reserve!

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Rachel Marquez

Viktoria was lovely to work with. Communication on the day was great, she came prepared with everything she needed, and she a perfectionist in her work. I'd be happy to work with her again :)

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Worked with lovely Viki again ... and another excellent job! Very skilled and accurate work with a great eye for colour, great communication, on time... Perfect. Would highly recommend :-) Thanks Viki!!! x

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What a pleasure it was to have Viktoria as our creative on an 80's shoot! Excellent comms before and during the shoot (it was strange that we were so aligned with colour choices!) Not only did Viktoria rise to the challenge of creating and then developing the make-up look several times, she did hair, nails and even managed to assist with set-ups & checking the images!

Your work is fabulous and I'm really appreciated your creative calm efficiency and lovely personality!

Definitely recommended! and I hope we can create an equally striking project soon :)

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Once again a fabulous shoot with Viktoria. Such as talented woman and an ease to work with. Looking forward to the next one! Xx

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There is nothing I can say the could describe how professional and talented Viktoria is.

We have done a few shoots now all very different. She lived up to expectations and even exceeded with her brilliance. Attention to detail is fantastic.

Not only does she do the makeup but is active during the shoot process at the same time. Tweaking things as the shoot progressed.

I cannot recommend Viktoria enough. Use her and your images will benefit without doubt.

Till the next time, thanks again x

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I knew of Viktoria through our being a part of the Portrait X family, but I have never actually had her do MU on my own shoot.

So when Viktoria expressed a desire to be a part of an Undead themed shoot I was planning with Sabrina Elizabeth, I jumped at the chance of her being a part of my little team.

Pre-comms were excellent, where we shared ideas and thoughts on the half normal/half dead mu effects and come shoot day, Viktoria excelled in her MUA skills.

Not only did she make Sabrina most wonderfully up, as per shared images during pre-comms, but she also got eagerly involved in the shoot itself. Helping out with lighting and running around like a demon with red smoke canisters and white ones too.

Not only a very talented MUA, Viktoria is a great lass too and we all had a good laugh throughout the day.

I entreat all to make the most out of Viktoria's skills, she is a great MUA and wonderful member of any shootiness team.

Cheers Lass. X

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Sabrina Elizabeth

I just have to say firstly I love this lady she is such an incredible MUA she is so talented at what she does, I've had the great pleasure of getting to work with her a couple of times about,two weeks ago I had a photoshoot and Viktoria was my MUA she did such an amazing job not only did she do my make up but she did so much more making sure I was keeping warm and helping out with lighting so I recommend her to everyone because she is so talented 😘😘

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Have wanted to work with Viktoria for ages. Finally did a shoot yesterday that required the same model to do 2 totally different syles. Viktoria did a fabulous job and made the novice model look fantastic and totally put her at ease. She is a real talent and has a lovely friendly easy going personality.

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Jade Sakura

I was invited to Viktoria's own project with a beautiful big (heavy) floral headpiece she was supplied with. Viktoria is a lovely and kind lady, who strive and put great effort into various makeup looks for me. Making three changes in a few hours. She is wonderful company and has great talent with a passion. I would definitely work with Viktoria again and recommend her to models and togs. Thank you x

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I was invited to a little shoot over the weekend. Viktoria was one of the MUA's she is very talented and created some wonderful looks for both male and female models.

I would love to do a creative shoot with her.

Recommended without hesitation. Thanks again x

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Recently met Victoria who was able to craft a fantasy facial tatoo/sigil for a themed shoot. This was done freehand, and very quickly, and made for an impressive look. Recommended.

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Jade Sakura

Viktoria is a lovely and super friendly lady to work with! I had the greatest pleasure to work with her and had a laugh too. Her attention to detail is very high and she would put a lot of effort to succeed the look, I would highly recommend working with Viktoria if you haven't so, book her as soon as you can! She is a gem when it comes to patience and great skills. Hope to work with you again sometime soon! x

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Tasha Ross

Worked with viktoria on a woodland elf shoot on Saturday she was very highly professional, fantastic work she did :), also was very lovely to have a laugh and chat to i would love to have Viktoria for one of my shoots again and although it was quick the make up due to timeing and doing other models make up she put in alot of effort .

Great work Victoria was great to work with u and meet you :) hope to see u again on a next shoot xx

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Viktoria was working as a makeup artist on a recent 'Egyptian' themed Portrait X shoot in Virginia Water. She created some fabulous looks on the models, with hints of Ancient Egypt running through the styling. A hard-working, polite and passionate MUA, her attention to detail and technical expertise made for some wonderful images. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to other creatives and professionals.

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Natalia Jay

Viktoria did a wonderful job on my make up for an Egyptian shoot even in spite of a previous make up artist who cancelled. She is friendly and very pleasant I highly recommend and hope that we get to work together again.

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I M A G E is E V E R Y T H I N G

shot some of Viktoria's work on a portrait-X Crossing "Oceans of Time" Steampunk Shoot, on the 05/03/16 at Houghton House . it was very cold with sleet and snow Highly recommended M.U.A and can't wait to work with her again :-)

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Nina Sever Model

VIktoria has a really light hand, good ideas and a contagious good mood! She also uses good products, which for me as model is really, really important!

She made me feel confident, that's why I would highly recommend her to everybody who's looking for a creative lady!

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Priscilla Moscoso said...

I have work with viktoria a couple of times and her work has always been amaizing!

She is very proffesional, punktual and a lovely person to work with.

I higky recomend her.

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