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The weather was today not cooperating very well but I have feeling that we created anyway some fabulous photographs :) as always you are recommended from my side. All the best. Denisa / www.denisastrakova.com

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This was my first time working with Michal, and what an amazing experience and absolute pleasure it was. I have admired Michal's and him talent to make nice light.

Michal is so wonderfully easy to get along with, he is kind, thoughtful, caring and a true creative soul.

What a brilliant shoot it was😉. We shot to Art Nude, and Michal was gentleman the entire time.

If you ever have the opportunity to shoot with, do it and you will be not disappointed 😉

I do hope to see you soon, Michal Thank you so very much.

Highly Recommended from me 😘

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Thank you for a beautiful shoot the 4th september 2021

It was so down to earth and free

I felt very creative from the beginning to end. 4 hours went so quickly, and Bo was very open minded to all my ideas

I recommend Bo to all models that want to be a part of a very creative and powerful series. It's called "darkness". All about giving your own story to tell and show through the body and emotions.

His studio is special with a different, dramatic, grey coloured background, that fits perfectly to the dark style.

Thank you Bo, for a beautiful shoot, I'm very pleased by the experience and results

Kindest regards,


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Lilith Etch

I had an amazing shoot with Bo Michal in August! It was our second shoot together, and my first in a very very long time - and what a wonderful shoot to start with! We mixed classic nudes with crazy ones, had lots of snacks and coffee (thank you!) and I felt very respected and safe the entire shoot. And the images look fantastic. I would def recommend Bo to any model.

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I don't even know where to start recommending Bo!

What a lovely human and amazing photographer!!

Bo hired me for a half day shoot in his studio last week, during my tour of Denmark. His home studio is clean and well equipped, and he picked me up from the station and had fresh fruit and snacks waiting for me at the studio :D

We had such a beautifully creative 4 hours session. We worked on poses together to make the best out of each shot. Bo is professional, respectful and great fun to work with.

I simply can't wait to see the finished images.

Thanks so much Bo, hope to shoot again soon!

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We had an excellent communication before and all over our shooting, which was in a nice warm home studio. He is a professional, respectful, reliable, sociable, and hospitable person, to work with. The work flow was easy going, we were exploring several ideas and I was free to come up with my own ideas, he was making sure that the lighting settings are perfect in aim to create beautiful, high quality artwork.

I would love to have another chance to work with you once again and without any doubt do highly recommend for other models to work with you.

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Lilith Etch

I had a lovely shoot with Van Rinkel last month! I felt completely safe, respected and he was an inspiring person to work with, with his own input and ideas - creating art together was a breeze!

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Our second photoshoot was again amazing. He is pretty amazing photographer :) Highly recommended again. I wish you all the best. DS | www.denisastrakova.com

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Very talented, serious and creative photographer. It was my pleasure to be his model. I hope to shoot with you one day again. All the best. DS | www.denisastrakova.com

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I worked with Bo on my last trip in Denmark. Bo knows what photos he wants to take and is very keen on details to get the perfect picture. It is very fun to work with Bo and very good at explaining what he wants.

I am very happy with the pictures after the shoot and would like to work with Bo again.

highly recommended to work with Bo!

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Ivana Cermakova

I had really a great and productive shoot with Bo!

He was prepared and showed me in advance what kind of pictures he would like to do. I liked the style so I was in. :-)

The shoot itself was smooth and in a nice atmosphere.

We created some really cool shots!

I´m looking forward to work with him again in the future. :-)

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I had a great time during our shoot with Vanrinkel. He is professional, easy to work with and very nice. Highly recommended by my side :)

Thank you very much again and hopefully see you again.


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Keira Lavelle

Bo and I made arrangements to work together during my latest European mega-tour when I managed to make my first ever trip to Denmark! :D And not only did we enjoy a very terrific shoot indeed, but Bo was so generous to put me up the evening before our shoot… Further still: subsequent to insane train cancellations in Germany due to the hot storm that had hit, Bo actually drove a good hour out of his way and collected me from a station to save me getting a whole bunch of other connections in the early hours to finally get to him! I honestly cannot begin to describe how kind and lovely a person he is: this level of public transport disruption is the last thing you need on a busy tour, but is just annoyingly “one of those things” and Bo literally made quick decisions to reduce the stress for me which he didn’t have to do at all… I was just worrying non-stop that this kind photographer has offered to host me for the night and pick me up from the station, now he’s still up until crazy o’clock as I keep him informed about the tracks I was making to get up to him following all the mayhem, he must be getting so fed up! But no, Bo was just the best throughout the whole situation! And all this was the evening before we had even got the first picture in the bag!

So following the amazing hospitality, delicious breakfast and utmost kindness Bo had shown me, we got down to making some pictures and my goodness did we have a blast! Bo has his own home studio which is so well equipped and excellent with space… Even with a model pulling mad shapes and the props we introduced, there was still ample space for Bo to get the cool creative angles he did so effortlessly. So many of the shots we produced were of a strong quality, we focused a lot on artistic nudes and innovative poses to which Bo was a total pro with his lighting and spotted an interesting shot opportunity with each position I got myself into. He had prepared a mood board for us to work off inspiration shots which was really handy for me to get an idea of what we’d be going for, but that said: so much of the work we did shone with our own team creation and that puts you on such a high when things are working so well creatively. :) Don’t take my word for it mind you, just look at some of the images! The proofs in the pudding – he’s a really talented creative!

Bo made it really easy to get a working rapport in place too, he’s very easy going and down-to-earth and though he will have pre-thought ideas prepped and discussions about the shoot in pre-shoot communications, he is totally game for the models to be an integral part of coming up with suggestions/ideas which just enhances the whole shoot as a team-orientated exercise.

As already said, a genuinely lovely guy with a heart of gold! And a complete professional too; respects his models, always makes sure they have everything they need and are comfortable from start to finish. We had dozens of tea breaks and Bo also made certain I didn’t go hungry. Honestly, I would recommend any models touring Denmark (or locally based models) shoot with Bo because my experience with him was so highly positive in every respect. He’s extremely passionate about photography and goes out of his way to look after the wellness of the people he shoots with. I could go on and on, but I’ll just finish by saying; I recommend him exceedingly highly! 

Thank you again Bo for everything. I hope very much to work together again in the future. :)


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