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Xavier Cassadine photography has 8 references; 8 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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We had a great time! He had very clear visions of what he wants to create as a photographer and gives directions that were easy to follow. I also received a lot of tips on how to improve my posing. The photos turned out amazing, as his editing skills are incredible as well- they add very rich stories to the shots.

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Louis Santiago

Had a very fun time shooting with Xavier, he struck me very differently from every other photographer I have worked with in a good way - he has a certain elegance to the thinking behind what he wants to captures and executes well.

Xavier is a one of a kind photographer and I definitely am up for forming a future working relationship with him. If you get the opportunity to shoot with Xavier class your self as very lucky because you don’t get many like this man!

Enjoyed working with him, top class.

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William Thompson

I have been looking forward to shooting with Mervyn for a while; I love his style and knew that we'd get some great images. A day that was full of complications that he turned into a huge success judging by the back of camera stuff he captured.

Highly recommended

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The shooting with Mervyn was planned for few months. Finally we arrived to make it and was a completely success.

Mervyn is a creative great photographer. We had such excellent images of duo shoot criminal minds New York inspired shoot

He is really highly recommended

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Chris Redfield

My first time meeting after talking for many months. Such a great guy and an amazing eye. Always showed me his vision after each photo and explained and directed everything well.

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Jack MT

I really enjoyed my first shoot with Mervyn. He was very professional, friendly and easy to work with. Very good at giving direction and great communication before the shoot. Hope to work with him again soon.

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Loved the shoot with Mervyn, something out my comfort zone. Made to feel at ease straight away, relaxed shoot style throughout. Mervyn has a great eye for what will look good in a shot and creativity is unbelievable. Will 100% work with him again and can't recommend him enough. Definitely worth every second

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Had a great shoot with Mervyn. He gives great direction and really knows how to get his ideas across. First met on a shoot where we were both models and he brought a real professional attitude and made it easy to work together. Looking forward to our next shoot.

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