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Hello :)

Note - I am retiring from TF photography and am not taking on any new collaborations. I am available for paid work


I'm an experienced and enthusiastic photographer looking for new people to work with. I’ve been on Purpleport some ten years now, though I’ve been shooting for far longer. I like to think I don’t have a particular style, though people have mentioned more than once that they spot my work just from the thumbnail, so I guess I do have a way of shooting that is intrinsically ‘me’. I love a grittier style, preferring natural light (though I’ve been known to add some powered lighting now and again) and almost always shooting on location.

Based in South Wales I’m blessed with countless places to shoot, from waterfalls to derelict buildings, a list that’s grown in recent years as my love of urbexing (exploring derelict buildings) has taken me to some exciting new places, places I’m more than happy to share with the people I work with.

Photography is my way of keeping sane; it’s not my job, thankfully, it’s the world I step into to have fun, to relax and to create. I work on a paid only basis, providing high resolution, fully processed images (never raws and never “all of the images”, please don’t ask) within 2 weeks of the shoot and references within 48 hours.

My first passion is art nude but will happily shoot fashion & beauty, commercial, portraiture... To be honest, there are very few genres that I haven't shot.

So, to sum up, if you like my work and can get to Cardiff, get in touch and let's see if we can arrange something creative.


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