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I am working on building a portfolio. Looking mainly for portraiture head shots, Fashion,  I like location work and  studio type work for more controllable conditions. Will work for free if I feel it is beneficial to my portfolio or  if I feel it is an area that I need more experience in. Just get in touch and ask.
I am very open to ideas and input. I am also looking to work with Make up artists and stylists.
I put my work first and will always make appointments "unless something really bad happens:)" I look for the same thing in the people I work with. "We are all supposed to be professionals after all"

I will work happily with models with little experience.

I also just want to say. I am interested in mutually beneficial work. I am really serious about giving you a result  you are happy with. My business depends on having a good reputation and building relationships with other hard working professionals.


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