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I had a great shoot with Stu this morning. He was an pleasure to work with. He, and all communication, were friendly, polite and professional. I can definitely recommend working with him. I look forward to shooting with him again in the future, hopefully very soon!

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Had a great shoot with Stu, hopefully will catch him for longer next time :)

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A pleasure to work with. Thanks for another fab shoot Stu! Look forward to the next :)

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I had a fun shoot with Stu this morning. He's a friendly, easy going guy and made me feel 100% comfortable throughout. Definitely recommended and I would love to work with him again. Cheers Stu!

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Ashley Monroe

Great shoot today with Stu. I really enjoyed working with him. The shoot was enjoyable and he gave excellent direction during the shoot. I would definitely recommend him to other models.

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Savannah Sapphire

I worked with Stuart for the first time last Sunday in his professionally equipped studio in South London.

His pre comms were efficient and to the point- he even reminded me of the clocks changing!

He had ideas planned beforehand which was good and I enjoyed bringing them to life.

I would definitely recommend him

Thanks Stu!!

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Peter Maverick

WOWSA! What a fabulous way to spend a Saturday! Stuart and I have been planning a shoot together for a while now. Pre-shoot communication was excellent including a meet-up a few weeks ago to brainstorm ideas and work out props etc. More research and swapped mails and finally the shoot day arrived.

Stu has an excellent studio space that really facilitated the experience. We spent time setting up and getting the atmosphere, props and lighting just so - and then off we went - it was a creative fest, ideas bouncing off each other, reviewing the images, working out was was good and going for more of it..... As I left he was already trying out different edits to get the right look for the photos..... Can't wait to see the final edits. I'd definitely shoot with Stuart again.... maybe a location shoot next......

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Millie Quinn MUA

Worked on a photoshoot with Stu yesterday , very professional, lots of creative ideas on how to work with different locations , and great communication , hope to work together again

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I had a great pleasure in working with Stuart recently. He is great man with great personality, very open to suggestions our pre communication was brilliant Stuart was always prompt with replying back to any messages. It was my first shoot with him and I absolutely loved quality of work shown by him. We are already planning to have more shoots in future and would love to work with such talent and would highly recommend Stuart for any shoot and surley you can expect great results from it :)

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I had the pleasure of working with Stu on my last London tour.

He is absolutely great to work with. We got on like a house on fire.

The shoot was both friendly and professional whilst remaining relaxed.

Tried lots of ideas and got some fab results.

I can't wait for next time. Should you be lucky enough, jump at it. You won't be disappointed.

Highly recommended by me with 5 stars *****

Until next time

Wendy Louise xx

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Had a great shoot with Stu recently, great guy! Stu was very easy to talk too & take direction from/he was extremely professional and tentative. His communication prior the shoot was great and the conversation flowed o the day, whilst he also had an idea of what we would do with our time which helped the shoots flow. Would recommend Stu 100%!

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I had a wonderful shoot with London-Stu! He's friendly and it was a real pleasure to work with (and glad to know I was the 1st model to use his new studio, hehe)

London-Stu is professional, he dares to try and an incredibly patient person - He made me feel at ease immediately.

Communication was great, before, while and after the shoot.

I'd definitely recommend him.

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