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Very occasionally you meet someone and you know that they are going to have a phenomenal trajectory. I believe James is one of those people.

I knew he could take a decent image do I encouraged him to come along to a shoot with several photographers, models, and riggers. I knew it would be a low key and relaxed affair, perfect for a first shoot.

I am not sure what I was expecting but I found him to be unobtrusive, allowing myself and the other models and riggers to get on and do our stuff, something quite a few photographers struggle with. As the day progressed he instinctively guided us into what he had envisioned in his head. What resulted was some truly remarkable images that completely blew me away. As with all of these things the more work he does the better he will get.

He is a polite and courteous young man whom I would unhesitatingly reccommend to anyone, his pre and post comms were excellent and he was incredibly fast in getting us the raw images and editing them. I hope to shoot with him again. Either way I will enjoy watching such a talented photographer bloom and take some pride in the knowledge that I was part of his first ever shoot.

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