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I approached Unicorn a while back after seeing some of her early images from a modelling competition and could just tell she had potential...

Pre-comms where excellent with regular check in's and discussions about the shoot, she arrived bang on time and kept me notified of her travel arrangements also.

On arrival we went for a cuppa and a chat, she is so easy to get along with a nice friendly and personable attitude. We actually chatted for a while as we had a nice easy laid back shoot where time was not an issue. Unicorn showed me some of her outfits and we planned a route as she had shot the previous day in Durham and I didn't want to go over the same ground...

During the shoot she needed very little direction, just a few tips and pointers and her posing was excellent and she really modelled well for a new comer to the industry. We shot two different outfits with the second really selling her figure well.

I feel really lucky for finding Unicorn Weird on Instagram as she was an absolute pleasure to work with, if she wasn't so far away form myself I would ask her to model for me on a regular basis, as is we have already discussed shooting again and I really look forward to it.

Highly Recommended.


Paul :D

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I was lucky to work with this lovely lady today. I put out a casting call to collaborate with fellow creatives and I made up a team of four (two models, an MUA and a Photographer). This was my first time getting a group together and each made the shoot so special! Pre comms were perfect, we shared ideas and what we would like from the shoot. On the day true Scottish weather arrived and she took it in her stride.

‘Unicorn Weirdo’ is gorgeous. She is easy going, lots of fun and hard working. She is for sure a rising star and I highly recommend her!

Thanks so much for an awesome shoot and I can’t wait to work with you again x

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Unicorn was great to work with! She's lovely, and had wonderful ideas for clothing that worked with the makeup. So easy to work with, and a really nice person too! Definitely recommend working with her.

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This was 2nd time working with Uni, and have to say, same as first shoot she is amazing, just perfect to work with. no guidance needed straight in to pose and worked perfect with the light painting. looking forward to our next shoot and to teach her some light painting skills.

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I had my first shoot with Unicorn Weirdo and it was a fantastic time! We did many amazing shots and had a lot of fun during shots. Unicorn Weirdo is a very professional model, she was very punctual at the place we had to meet up (I was not, shame on me! :) ) She took with her outfits that were ideal for our location (graffiti area), also her make-up and hair style were perfect. During our shoot she read my thoughts posing exactly in the way I wanted her to do. Work with her was a pure pleasure and I would be happy to collaborate with her again!

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Thomas M Rodger Photography

Had a fantastic shoot with "Unicorn Weirdo" and can't recommend highly enough ! Turned up on time, ready to go and put up with my nonsense like a pro ! Although we ended up shooting in adverse conditions ( Scottish Winter at its finest ) Unicorn took everything in her stride with an easy going professionalism and cheerful grace. Ugh I'm terrible at writing these so to be blunt, Unicorn is an excellent model, a pleasure to work with and you should be shooting with her as soon as !

Hope you work to together again soon !

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Mathew Rooney

Done shoot with Model Unicorn Wierdo, she arrived on time communication between the two of us was great, highly motivated and enthusiastic at what she does, would recommend Unicorn for shoots and I will use her again (once the warm weather comes in)

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Jamie Huntley

This is the second time I have shot with "Unicorn Weirdo" and she is always a joy to shoot with. Comes well prepared and ready to shoot. She knows her poses and which poses that work for her but good at taking direction too if needed. Has a great look and style that I enjoy shooting and is very friendly and down to earth making her easy to get along with and work with. Loved the shots that we got together and will be working with her again hopefully soon.

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