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David Wall - Dancer

I recently worked with Paul for the first time on an in studio dance photoshoot.

Paul had a great setup for the shoot by bring a plan for set changes, and outfit choices. This made us more effective with our time and we got a lot of really great photos. He set up his camera to his laptop which gave us the ability to see a bigger picture of our shots and correct an adjustments.

Paul has shot a lot of dance photography before which made it easy for us to get some hard poses. He understands a lot of technique and points of view from a dancers perspective.

I throughly enjoyed working with Paul and would highly recommend shooting with him. I am very much looking forward to working with him again.

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Helen Diaz

I worked with the lovely Paul and DominikaW on a recent studio day at our studio "The Den" and had such a lovely time! It was a couple of years since I last shot with Paul and oh so lovely to catch up!

Paul is an absolute diamond; such a kind and thoughtful man, a very capable photographer and takes the most wonderful portraits. He has always been extraordinarily kind and helpful with supporting other creatives in the industry, myself and Dominika included- and always happy to share advice and tips. If you get the chance to work together, definitely do!

Thankyou Paul, Helen x

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Worked with Paul for the first time today and hopefully not the last!

It was a bit last minute but Paul checked out the location in advance to make sure it was suitable for what he had in mind and gave me all the information beforehand so I knew exactly what to expect and to bring. He clearly has a great eye for locations!

He's super easy to work with and is a perfect gentleman. What I've seen on the back of the camera looks fantastic and I'm sure the final images will be great.

I'd be completely happy to recommend him. Thanks Paul!

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M e l a n y

I was chuffed to bits when Paul booked a slot at my Rawpics Studio day! I have worked with Paul a few times before and really enjoy working with him and creating images together.

I love the way Paul works through a series of concepts and ideas, and knows when he has captured the shot he wants. It makes for a very productive and varied shoot with excellent results!

I really enjoy Paul's company and find him very relaxed and professional to work with. Many thanks Paul - very highly recommended! :)

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Just had a super shoot with Paul today when he applied to my Art Nude with Magical Trees casting. Pre-comms were excellent. We first explored a location that is very local to me that Paul had been wanting to visit for some time. We then moved on to the location with the trees.

Paul takes his time to set up shots & we discussed the light & type of pose before each shot & I think we worked well together. It was great to be able to experiment & try out ideas. Paul was able to see some creative opportunities at the locations that I hadn't thought of, which was wonderful. Our shoot was also lovely & relaxed, Paul is super easy to work with & excellent company.

The images on the back of the camera looked fantastic & I think we got some really lovely images from it.

Paul is very friendly & easy to chat with. He was totally professional & respectful at all times & I would highly recommend him to other models & photographers.

Thank you so much Paul for a really lovely day, even the weather gods shone down on us! Although maybe a little too much!

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Fantastically fun and creative shoot this evening.

Paul is a friendly guy and was respectful and gentlemanly through out.

Can't wait to see the results. Thanks for a great shoot 😊

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M e l a n y

Wow!! Today couldn’t have gone better. I shot with Paul at a stunning Welsh waterfall and we had a very creative and productive shoot.

I’ve shot with Paul before and really enjoy working with him. He knows when he’s got the shots he wants which is great. He’s brilliant on light and angles, and today had a new camera to try out which was very exciting.

I love that Paul took time to explain to me about the tech he was using and why, he’s very easygoing to work with which makes you feel relaxed and about to do your job.

I was thrilled with what I saw on the back of the camera. Thank you so much Paul for a brilliant shoot, until next time....

Very highly recommended :)

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Scarlett Blaze

Trasky was so lovely who booked me on one of my days at sudio58.

He is simply fabulous, arrived with ideas which I really can't wait to see the results.

I enjoyed working with him and spending time in his company.

Hopefully one day we will shoot again.

Highly recommend :)

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Artemis Fauna

Paul booked onto one of my Secret Garden events with Carla Monaco, Ivory Flame and myself just this week.

We were blessed, like last year, with wonderful evening weather- phew!

All the pairs I put the photographers in seemed to work super well too and I think a brilliant time was had by all!

Thank you so much for booking on Paul, really can't wait to see the results from the event and I hope to work with you again some time soon. Was really nice to catch up a little bit too! :)

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Helen Diaz

I worked with Paul recently when I hosted a duo weekend with the beautiful Dominika Wenz at my home in Wiltshire and had such a wonderful shoot! I cannot believe how long I have known Paul now... it must be over 12 years! He is still the lovely person I met all of those years ago. Such a relaxed, kind, professional and respectful person to work with.

I absolutely loved Pauls Hollywood lighting which create some stunning results. We had such a lovely session together, although brief was highly enjoyable. Paul gives great artistic direction and the lighting was superb. I really hope that Paul joins us in Iceland and look forward to working together again. Highly recommended to all, Helen x

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M e l a n y

Today I had my second shoot with Paul who had booked a slot at my Ballet Between the Bridges casting. I was so glad that he did as it was lovely to see him again and he captured some stunning images.

I really enjoy working with Paul, he is incredibly knowledgeable about photography and happy to share his skills and explain how he was going about getting the right set up for our shoot sequences. He is clearly experienced at shooting dance photography and he knows when hes got the shots he wants.

I can't wait to see the images and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul to shoot with. Thank you Paul for another great shoot :)

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Leon Lift

It was such a pleasure to shoot with Paul for a full day when me and my partner were touring down in the South-West area.

Paul was a real nice guy with plenty of knowledge and experience in photography. The day was SUPER relaxed and every set we shot was lit incredibly. I asked questions along the way throughout the day about various things to do with lighting and photography which he kindly answered as we went and definitely helped me increase my overall knowledge on the subjects so I must thank him for that!

He is the definition of someone that you want to work with. A genuinely nice guy, good at what he does, is relaxed and very easy to get a long with.

Me and Tillie both went away saying what a great day we had and we would do it all over again in a heart beat.

I can't wait to see the images!

Thank you for being such a brill person to work with mate


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Em Theresa

Paul and I had our first shoot together at my model day at Manse while I was visiting Wales. His pre-shoot comms were totally spot on, the whole thing was organised with no problems whatsoever - the main sets planned for the half day were aerial and dance. Paul is a really lovely gent to work with, very laid-back knows his stuff on the technical side, and open to a bit of experimentation in collab with the model to get super cool shots! I had a good time dangling about and making odd shapes, and Paul made sure I had more than ample rest not to get over-tired. Very highly recommended by me hope we can work together again some time :) Thank you Paul!

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Retro Rob

Well what a fantastic day at Far Forest on a duo shoot with the super talented Melany and I had the privilege of working with the amazing Trasky.

What a superb Photographer Trasky is he pulled some incredible shots out the bag he is s pleasure to work with a great sense of humour and an awesome eye for a shot please book Trasky you won't be disappointed.

Thank you so much Rob

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M e l a n y

It was a great pleasure to meet Paul yesterday at Far Forest Studio. Paul was one of the photographers at a studio day with myself and the very talented Retro Rob.

We had a productive shoot and covered a range of looks from art nude to vintage. Paul brought along some brilliant ideas to try out. He was also up for trying out some of our ideas and using the props we’d brought along. Paul always showed us what he was capturing on the back of the camera and the shots looked awesome so I can’t wait to see the final edits.

Hope to work with him again soon :)

Highly recommended.

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Had a lovely first shoot with Paul when he booked time on my Studio day, which was great as a previous tutorial shoot we had arranged in the summer had got cancelled. Pre-shoot communications were clear and professional, and on the day we shot a diverse array of genres and styles, from art nude to ballet to experimental gel lighting. Paul is highly knowledgeable about photography, and the results he kindly showed me on the back of his camera looked beautiful.

Highly recommended, and I hope we will work together again. :)

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Stephanie Dubois

Paul came along to my Cyprus Photographic Retreat back in October and he was such a great person to have there. Paul is a lovely person, easy to chat to, super easy to work with, and someone who is great to have along on trips like this. he lent a hand when needed and was a pleasure to sit and chat with at lunchtime/in the evenings after shooting. Paul has a great shoot style also - he isn't one to shoot away willy nilly, he is very deliberate in the shots he takes. From what i have seen he got some great shots and I'm really looking forward to seeing some edits.

Thanks Paul - It was a pleasure :)

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Stephanie Dubois

After what must be three years, I got to meet and work with Paul again. What a fantastic chap he is - pre shoot comms were great, super friendly and easy to talk to and he took some lovely images. He even picked me up and took me to the studio which was lovely as I'm so used to driving myself everywhere. Paul booked me for a half day and the time simply flew by. I'm very much looking forward to working with him on my Cyprus Photographic Retreat in a couple of months time.

Very highly recommended.

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Artemis Fauna

I got to work with Paul again for the first time in many many years!

Paul booked four hours on mine and Ayla's duo day at the Natural Light Studio last weekend.

It had been almost 5 years since I had seen Paul so it was really nice to catch up with each other.

Paul shot a mixture of solo and duo images and they looked great! Can't wait to see some of the results :)

Thank you, Paul- was so nice to see you again after all this time. :)

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I had the pleasure of working with Paul today on a beach dancing shoot around the Ogmore Vale. I've loved his beautiful photographs for quite some time now and was over the moon to finally work with him.

Paul has a very organised and efficient way of working and although we were somewhat limited in our time to shoot due to high tide, it felt like the sets just flew by and I had great fun doing it! Paul is very kind, considerate, generous with his photographic knowledge and easy to talk to. He has some fantastic stories about his time in the industry and is both a gentleman and consummate professional through and through. He goes out of his way to get the best possible shot - even going so far as to wade through fairly dangerous rapids with me to find the perfect spot. His pre shoot communication was brilliant and he kindly showed me the images as we worked through them so that I could see what was working and what wasn't.

With lots of creative ideas, he also allowed me a lot of creative freedom with my posing and dancing and I can't wait to see the final edits!

I would definitely recommend this lovely, very talented photographer. Thank you so much for a really enjoyable, fun shoot Paul!

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