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We had a great time and Tony made me feel so at ease

Amazing photographer would highly recommend x

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Another fantastic shoot with Tony. It's been a couple of years, but he hasn't changed.

Pro shoot communication was excellent, we bounced a lot of different ideas around. During the shoot we got through a number of different sets. The images looked good on the back of the camera, and the edits are even better

He is respectful of levels, and always puts me at ease. Looking forward to the next one already.

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I had such a fun and enjoyable shoot with Tony. This was my first time modeling for him. He picked me up right on time from the station.

Tony has his own personal studio in his home that is well equipped. Tony used lots of different lighting techniques and we got so many cool shots. He is really easy to get along with and had a good old natter as we worked.

I do hope to model for Tony again in the future.

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Tony is professional and friendly and so accommodating. His photos are amazing and he got them back to me that night.

I'm so excited to work with him again.

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Sophie Louise

Another great home photoshoot... Tony never ever disappoints with his images. He’s easy to work with and therefore the time just fly’s by!

His ideas are always a pleasure to shoot and he’s happy to listen to what you fancy doing as well. I highly recommend Tony... he’s a great photographer and a gent to work with as always. X

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Sophie Louise

Can’t believe I left it this long to shoot with Tony again... he’s a great photographer and made my first shoot back after being away for a couple of years a complete doddle! He’s easy going, makes you feel confident and the time just flys by.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to work with him then get in touch... you won’t be disapointed with his work!!!

Can’t wait to shoot again with him soon. X

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Beth Echo

Had my first shoot with Tony today and it flew by. Tony was very friendly and easy to get along with and made me feel very at ease. He was very accommodating and respectful.

Tony was very professional and helpful. I think we have made some great images and I look forward to see the final results.

10/10 would recommend to amateur and professional models and would definitely shoot again.

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This was my second shoot with Tony and I am so happy with the pictures we produced.

He was very professional, fun to work with and open minded with regards to creative ideas.

I thoroughly recommend him, and look forward to the next shoot.

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It was a pleasure to work with Tony.

His home studio is a great space with all you need for a great shoot.

He was very peaceful and polite made me feel very welcome and relaxed.

Look forward to next time.

Would recommend to all. X

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My first shoot with Tony was for his casting call. We had great communication beforehand.

We worked through a variety of sets: art nude, lingerie and uv paint. He was happy for me to get messy with the paint and pointed out blank patches.

Very professional photographer and I felt very comfortable in his studio. His directions were easy to follow and he was happy to try my ideas too.

He has a quick turnaround on the images, and I'm so pleased with the ones I've seen so far. I would recommend him to others, and am already looking forward to our next shoot together.


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A perfect gentleman, I felt relaxed and at home, good pre shoot communications and some great final results, would love to shoot again sometime.

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I have shot with tony on a few occasions now and always have a laugh. I feel relaxed and I tried uv paint. I was a little nervous at the start but tony spoke to me and explained everything that would be going on during the shoot. And I really enjoyed the shoot and had fun doing something different and I enjoyed every second of it. I would defo recommend tony to anyone :) x

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I have had a couple of shoots with Tony James and the first time I was really nervous but he made me feel comfortable and helped me with some poses and pointed me in the right direction. Tony made me feel confidence and I loved every minute of doing the shoots. The time flew by. We did different outfits and backdrops. I would recommend him to anyone and I am excited for our next shoot :) x

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swallowtail unholy rainbow

Another great shoot with this photographer today .... Thankyou so much for capturing exactly what I wanted :)

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Had my first shoot with Tony on Monday, for someone who has only recently started doing shoots he made me feel really comfortable and taught me some good tips. Would 10/10 recommend! :)

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Had my second shoot with Tony on Monday, it was awesome! Time flew by but we still managed to shoot a variety of styles and outfits/nudes. Tony is professional and friendly, id happily recommend him to anyone :) see you soon Tony!

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Great shoot with tony today cant believe its been a year since we last worked together. Such a pleasure to work with and highly would recommend him :)

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I had my first shoot with Tony today and it was great.

I was so nervous but Tony put me at ease and made me feel very welcome.

He gave me a few tips and pointed me in the right direction, I look forward to working with Tony again and would highly recommend him

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I had a really good shoot with Tony and he was warm and welcoming. Nice relaxed atmosphere and got some great shots. Would definitely recommend.

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UkCuteGirl Lucy

Had my first shoot today with Tony and it went really well. He has a really nice, well equipped studio in his house and made me feel really comfortable.

He was a nice genuine guy who gave great direction and gave me some great tips for modelling. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again soon :)

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