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Had my second shoot with Jack (including Tia Loren) last weekend and couldn't be more complimentary of both. Again, the pre-shoot communication was brilliant (including day of arrival).

Jack is without a doubt a star and should be on everyone's list to work with.

His look, his physique, his personality, his commitment and engagement with the camera....a photographer can't ask for more!

Together we have achieved a number of international publications and I look forward to our success from this shoot.

Jack has become a true friend and I can't wait to work with him (and Tia) again.

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I had the incredible pleasure of working with Jack yesterday.

The shoot was arranged at short notice, due to a cancellation and our pre-shoot communication was effortless and to the point.

Jack's versatility, comfort and relaxed character in front of the lens is second to none.

He is a fantastic guy, easy to work with (he has a phenomenal work ethic) and his look and physique are incredible!

Jack definitely has a promising career in front of him and I can highly recommend him to any photographer (you will be privileged - as was I).

I am looking forward to many more shoots next year.

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Parkstone Photography

Had another shoot with Jack this evening. I seriously adore this models keen interest and work style ethics. Jack does everything he can to make shoots a success and he amazed me in our shoot today. It was my first time shooting nude with a model and I felt complete at ease in Jacks company. I would work with this guy over, and over and over again. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in and I rate him being first class, in and out of the studio...

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Parkstone Photography

I had an amazing shoot with Jack this weekend. Jack's communication was spot-on and utterly flawless and I'm so surprised this model isn't getting more work on Purpleport. His time keeping as well was impeccable and come shoot day, meeting and working with him was an absolute joy. I felt very comfortable being with him in studio.... I really cannot wait to work with Jack again and can highly recommend him to anyone on Purpleport.... I see this model going far.

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Insides Information

Jack modelled for a nutrition-themed bodypainting and photography shoot today. Communications before the event were good and Jack arrived promptly for the shoot. He was very polite, friendly and approachable. He was extremely patient during the long bodypainting part of the session. He posed well for the photography at the end of the session and took direction well. He appeared to engage with the concept behind the bodypainting project and I hope to work with him again soon for a more extensive bodypainting design. I'd recommend Jack to other artists and photographers.

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