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Anthony Dawson Photography has 11 references; 11 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Sassy mh

Had a great but cold shoot with Barry.

I would recommend him to work with :)

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Winona Richards

Tonight was my 3rd Photoshoot with Barry and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Can’t believe it had been about 3 years since the last time we worked together!

As ever Barry was polite, easy to chat to and was happy to give me great direction! Unfortunately our shoot was interrupted by some rain at which point we decided to finish because I was absolute freezing! Not used to being back in the Scottish weather! You’ll have to travel to me next time in Cyprus!

Really looking forward to seeing the results from tonight’s shoot as I know from Barry’s other work and our previous shoots that he captures some really great images! Our FPI together is still my favourite ever!

Thanks again for tonight Barry, as usual a highly recommended from me!

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Was a pleasure to work with, easy to chat to and had chose a great location for our beach shoot. Knew what he was doing with lighting and made me feel at ease, thanks for a good shoot!

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Paula muir said...

Fantastic photographer and very professional with great direction ... Would definitely work with himself again and totally recommend him ...

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Jessica Moscardini

I had such a great time working with Barry :) So friendly and easy to talk to from the start. He was also kind enough to drive me back home after the shoot :) I would highly recommend working with Barry, the images from our shoot are absolutely stunning! Can't wait to work with him again.

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natasha borland said...

Had an awesome shoot with Barry he was very organised and professional and made me feel at ease. I had never really worked with 'hand poses' before which Barry helped me through with no trouble at all! Would definitely recommend him as he was on time/ professional manner & actually such a good laugh! Thank you Barry x

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Luci Fallen

Had a fantastic first shoot with Barry, very professional, the photographs turned out great and he turned out to be a really nice guy as well. :D I would definitely work with him again.

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Shot with Barry when I had only really just started modelling.. Barry is extremely talented, is so creative and utilises natural light amazingly! One of the only few photographers that I know that can actually use natural light properly and create beautiful images!! Definitely would recommend to any model, and would love to shoot again one day.. Hope your well Barry xx

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Amy-Louise said...

Great photographer, the end results were gorgeous and I got prints really quickly. Also a really great enviroment throughout the day and really easy to get on with.

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Amber Skyline

Had a shoot with Barry today. He turned up wonderfully on time (Unlike me! Again SO sorry!!) and we had an awesome shoot. Great at directing, as well as going with the flow. From what I saw of the camera, there'll be some really wonderful photos that I can't wait to see.

Very friendly and chatty, and we got to see some awesome locations :)

Definitely recommended! :)

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Freckles said...

Barry, barry, barry :) one of the best uses of natural light i have come across to date! We had a sunset shoot quite a while ago now when i first started modelling and the results were beautiful.

He is very easy to get on with as a photographer and goes out of his way to get the most out of a shoot for both of you. Shame he has relocated, but you never know what the future holds!

Would always recommend Barry, especially if you have an outdoor shoot!

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