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Had a lovely little meet, greet and shoot get together with Tom. He's an effortlessly cool, warm and creative guy. Really respectful and enthusiastic - I am looking forward to meeting for a more planned and thought out session soon and making more art!

Speak soon,


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I worked with Tom some time ago at NQ Studio in Manchester

I think we had two days in the studio one just me on my ownsome and one day with another model too :)

I remember Tom being a really nice relaxed person to shoot with, very friendly and happy to show me images and even let me put my ideas forward

I'd defiantly recommend and work with him again !

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Just saw your casting but can't message due to using up my messages for today,

Me and my friend would love to model, if your interested it'd be great to hear from you,

Kind regards,

Sarah Adesiyan

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Had a shot with tom last month , was pleasure to work with professional & very friendly photographer , he was great fun To work with & would definitely recommend him. Thanks again tom:)

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Lilya Kate said...

Had a great shoot with tom! the youngest of photographers ive worked with , which was refreshing having somebody to connect with in my age group!< He was totally respectful, friendly, and we couldn't stop laughing...also a great photographer! would reccomend any model to work with tom as he makes you feel very at ease too xx

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