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Evie Kedavra

I had a lovely first shoot with Terry. He came to my home following another shoot and was full of life and energy still which as a model- is a commodity I understand and always admire.

He came fully prepped with a couple of boxes worth of props and outfits, we shot a mixture of levels and I'm thrilled with the images that were taken.

Highly recommended

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Tania Aresti

Have shot with TJ-photography many times now and they are always great experiences.

I have shot with him at both my home studio and also at his home studio. I have even stayed over at his in his spare room and always feel comfortable around him at all times.

He is 100% professional, a wonderful host and easy to shoot with.

He is friendly, easy going and we always have a good chat whilst we shoot.

We have even spoken about doing a tour at his house.

I highly recommend and i'd love to shoot with him again

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Fae Rose

Terry booked me whilst I was down south. He kindly put me up for accommodation as hotels in Oxford were way too expensive. He was very friendly and made me feel welcome. We shot for 3 hours and then went out for something to eat. Shooting wise, he is very good with direction when needed and has a true passion for shooting for art purposes and his work tells a story.

I would highly recommend Terry and if you’re a travelling model looking for somewhere safe to stay then don’t hesitate!

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What a gent!

Terry responded to my last minute casting call and I’m so glad he did.

We worked through loads of fun sets on location and back at his studio.

Terry is a fun and creative photographer, there was never a dull moment :)

From what I could see from the back of the camera we really got some cracking shots.

I would highly recommend any model to work with him.

Home studio is fantastic for natural light and there are some beautiful locations to shoot close by.

Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon.

Debs xx

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Today I had my first shoot with Terry, hopefully the first of many!

We manged to squeeze a shoot in while we both had some free time and i'm glad we did!

A very lovely, polite and professional photographer Terry is great to shoot with and be around.

We'd agreed on a 4 hour shoot and the time really flew by, we did a few sets and I'm really excited to see them!

I really recommend him so definitely get yourself booked in for a great shoot!

Thank you again and I'm definitely looking forward to more! 😊

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Yesterday I had a great photo shoot with Terry, I was shooting erotic nude for the first time, but I was so happy in Terry's company that I even forgot it was happening to me for the first time!

He is a very kind and considerate, great photographer and a unique person! I was a little worried that 4 hours is a lot of time, but honestly the time passed imperceptibly with work, laughter, stories and amazing shots. I can't wait for our paths to meet again and to have the opportunity for another such unforgettable and creative session!

Definitely recommend him 100% for any advanced or new model who is looking for a creative and talented photographer and a great person with whom you can do a wonderful job and be in safe and pleasant company! Thank you Terry for a great time! Hope we meet again soon xx

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So after a good two years I finally had the chance to work with Terry again this time in a dance theme shoot

I really enjoy his company and his sense of homour X

I highly recommend anyone to work with him as he just great fun

Hopefully we won't leave it so long x

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Mati Matilda

I had my first shoot with Terry and it’s was amazing.

We managed to put together a last minute blue bell shoot as we live local.

Terry is a very easy going person and with a great sense of humour. Very respectful and so lovely to work with.

It looked like I knew him for ages.

I really enjoyed working with Terry and looking forward to working together again.

Would definitely recommend.

Thank you Terry for the amazing time.


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Had a great home shoot with Terry yesterday. Terry is fantastic behind the camera, able to clearly visualise shots and direct as needed. Fun to shoot with and polite and chatty, would 100% recommend! Hope to work with Terry again soon :)

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Mya Chan

What an absolute star Terry is!

very easy to get along with, fluid in convo, full of ideas and concepts, and open to hear others, time flew by and we even stayed on to shoot for a couple more hours to get all the ideas done!

I hope we can shoot again in the near future :)

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Today was my first shoot with Terry and it was an absolutely awesome shoot.

Pre comms were great. From the off Terry has been a joy to talk to. Professional and friendly and easy to get along with.

Terry bought a few of his own things along which we shot with. Once we made a start the shoot just flowed so easily.

Terry was mindful of the cold outside too and he was patient with me while I dived in my coat for warmth between shots haha!

Terry has a great eye for photography and knew exactly how to get the best of me with awesome angles and framing. The images on the boc were amazing!

Without doubt, highly recommended from me

Thank you again for a great shoot

Lou ☺️

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Helen Saunders

I stayed with Terry on the outward leg of my tour to the south west and I would be hard pushed to recommend a better host. Terry is an absolute delight to spend time with: he's both a great conversationalist and cooks a very tasty stew.......he also happens to be a skilled photographer and I'm thrilled with the images from our shoot. He's respectful and professional, and I very much hope he and I will have the opportunity to work together again soon.

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Leah Hegarty

I had my first shoot with Terry and from start to finish it was a pleasure to work with him. He is full of ideas and enthusiasm and has a naturally creative eye.

He was brilliant with direction and knew exactly what he wanted. I feel we worked well together and got a variation of fabulous shots.

Really enjoyed working and chatting together and highly recommended from me!

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I had the pleasure to work with Terry on a few photoshoots while staying at his house for over a week. Terry was a brilliant host, absolutely great and I spent a lovely time there. We did photoshoots at various locations and I love the results and the images. He is very professional, easy going and the communication was excellent. I would most definitely recommend him and I hope we work together again in a near future. Thank you for the invite and the hospitality Terry and very best wishes, Elena

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I had my 2nd shoot with Terry today. Again he was friendly and great to talk to. The shoot was relaxed and he has great ideas. I highly recommend.

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Had an amazing shoot,

Was super easy and light, TJ-photography was friendly and easy to talk to. Hes home is beautiful. Communication before during and after were perfect.

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Karys Elizabeth

Had a lovely shoot with Terry last week after admiring his work, I was so happy when he agreed to shoot me!

He very kindly picked me up from the station and when I arrived, we had a nice chat over a cuppa.. he made me feel very welcome.

Working with him was a pleasure, there were a number of beautiful rooms to shoot in and he also provided me with a couple of outfits.

Overall very kind, respectful, professional photographer felt comfortable whole time.

Highly recommended

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Irida S

Had a fantastic second shoot with Terry today :)

We worked both from outdoor locations and indoors from his home studio .

Absolutely brilliant, beautiful locations and captures !

Terry is professional and has a good sense of humor which makes the shoot very easy and fun :)

I am happy to recommend terry to all models :)

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Little Bluebird

Terry was an absolute dream to work with. Very respectful. Even carried my bag for me! Made me feel completely at ease and took some truly beautiful shots. I look forward to seeing the edited results.

Highly recommended.

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Had a great shoot with terry he arrived on time very chilled relaxed shoot felt at ease straight away and got all the images within a couple of days thanks charn x

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