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Rosa Fury

Shooting with Tim today was an absolute joy; he's very friendly, so I was able to instantly relax with him, and before the shoot started we agreed on our rules which is a fantastically reassuring thing to happen on a shoot.

Pre-comms were clear and polite, and our 2 hour slot sped along so fast it was over before I realised!

Had a lovely time working with you Tim, hopefully we can shoot more together in the future! Absolutely recommend this gent :)

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Bambii25 said...

Had my first shoot with Tim today, he made me feel totally relaxed and we had a laugh. We used a range of locations and therefore got a lot of great images :) looking forward to working with him again!

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Josie May

Had my first shoot with Tim today. Despite the cloudy and cold weather we got some great images. Tim was willing to try locations that I suggested and was great at giving direction and ideas. Really easy to chat to and easy to get along with. Has already sent me some images and it's only been 3 hours since the shoot! Very impressed. Would recommend.

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Had the absolute pleasure of working with this fantastic gentleman recently.

Tim's communication prior and post shoot was absolutely outstanding. Tim has great lighting skills, a warm and charming nature, a good sense of humour and he's really easy to talk to.

Tim was professional, caring and joyful throughout the shoot. Tim is very good when it comes to direction and I totally adore his film noir style.

Pleasure to meet and work with you, Tim. Really hope to work with you again in the future. Thank you so much.

Totally recommend.

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Not only do Tim and I have the same surname, but we worked really well together.

We had a creative lifestyle shoot at Warleigh Weir, making the most of the beautiful surroundings that are right on Tim's doorsteps, lucky guy!

Tim was very attentive to my needs and respectful of my levels and limits. He even offered me a hand whilst climbing down on to some rocks to get some brilliant photos in front of the waterfalls.

Tim was super quick editing photos and forwarding them to me to use and I am very pleased with the results.

I would strongly recommend working with Tim and I look forward to our next shoot in the beautiful locations in which we are blessed to live

Thanks Tim

Best of Luck


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Shooting with Tim was really good, he briefed me on some modeling terms before the shoot, which I found very helpful. We never really decided on a particular theme, but I brought in some outfits which happened to work well.

Overall a good experience and I got some great images.

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Lizzy D

This was my second photo shoot with Tim and even more fun than the last. We had talked through a number of ideas before the shoot so I felt well prepared and the time flashed by. Tim brought some beautiful jewellery for me to wear and was happy for me to incorporate my own ideas into the shoot. Ever the gentleman, Tim put me at ease from the first photo. Looking forward to working with Tim again in future.

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Bye Bye Bailey

Great shoot yesterday with TJ, generally interesting and helpful man with a lot to give. Few pointers given as I'm starting to take photos myself, and took some cracking photos of me in a land-girl 1940s style! Recommend, and would work with again.

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Missy D

Worked with Tim briefly on a group shoot I had organised at Art Asylum, the hour we spent together went by so quickly. Tim had looked at the shoot location and came up with a theme I'd never done before that was fitting for the area and his pre shoot communications were great. Thoroughly enjoyable shoot and we had a great laugh

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Lizzy D

Had the absolute pleasure of working with TJ yesterday at the Art Asylum in Weymouth. We had spoken before the shoot about styles so I knew exactly what to expect. On the day we whizzed through our ideas and he was eager to help boost my portfolio so did a series of beautiful headshots and captured my smile in a way I've not seen before. He made me laugh throughout the shoot and I felt confident and beautiful. The shots I've seen already are stunning and I can hardly belive that's me in them. A total gentleman and I can't wait to work with him again!

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Tim was my first ever photo shoot from when I was 18, not sure exactly what date it was but it was fun to work with Tim and gave me a lot of information about modelling, I have definitely grew up a bit and now know lots about the modelling industry! Thank you!

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Hannah Foster

Had my first shoot with Tim at my home this evening. Tim is a really lovely guy who is down to earth and very passionate about photography. He had lots of ideas and came well prepared. We got on really well and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

Tim is very professional and was very considerate and respectful throughout the shoot. I look forward to working with Tim again.


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I had a lot of fun with Tim on a boxing shoot,great person and very sociable.He is professional and has lots of ideeas.We took some great shoots.Can't wait to work with him again.

Highly recommended!

Thank you!Larysa x

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Tiffany said...

Did a shoot with Tim at the boxing shoot,Tim is a great photographer,certinly knows what hes doing,amazing at directing and letting you know what to do,communcation at the start was great got some good ideas and good throughout,made me feel comfatable all the way through aswell.,got some amazing pics so chuffed with them,very quick at getting them back to you aswell...i would highly reccomend Tim as hes amazing....thankyou Tim, would love to work with you again sometime :)

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Miss Gemini

Had a awesome time shooting with Tim at a charity boxing gym shoot, I organised.

Great communication before hand and such a gent while shooting.

We got some lovely shots, very quick in getting the edits back to me to.

Thanks Tim for all your help to on Saturday.

I would highly recommend working with Tim, can't wait for our next shoot.

Elly xx

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I had a lovely shoot with Tim today in my studio. He is great to work with, very social and professional.

I truly enjoyed working with him and we got some brilliant images!

Looking forward to working with Tim again!

Highly recommended!!


Camy xxx

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ShieldMaiden said...

My first shoot with this photographer and I am very impressed with his work. Happy to recommend to everyone.

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Ragnar said...

Great experience working with TJFotos yesterday. Would recommend to any other models. 100% happy :-)

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Ava Leigh said...

Had my first shoot with Tim and it was great. He is friendly and professional with lot's of conversation.

Tim has lots of good ideas and i would highly recommend him to any model - 100% :)

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StephFX said...

It was my very first shoot today and Tim was an absolute star to work with.

A lovely gentleman who made me feel comfortable. Has great ideas & what sort of things work & what does not. Some really great advice given for a new model aswell, thank you!

Would higly recommend Tim & look forward to working with him in the near future. :)

Steph :)

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