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TimBee has 7 references; 6 recommended, 0 not recommended, 1 late cancellation and 0 no-shows.

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Photos By JJ Phoenix

I had a great fun shoot with Tim yesterday at Studio at the stables.

Traffic meant we didn't get as much covered as we would have liked but I'm sure this wont be the last time we work together.

Pre shoot comms were good with a brief as to what he wanted to cover and we probably covered most of what was wanted.

He was a absolute professional knowing that this was only my 2nd time of working with nude models, and he was very helpful in respect of that.

We captured some great clothed and Nude images, so thank you Tim for being very patient with me

Highly recommended

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Jason Wright Photography

Tim played a great zombie in our film acid pit stop. Very reliable and professional:)

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Had a photo shoot with Tim last week he was a really nice guy it was fun and enjoyable and i would recommend him to anyone.


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Had a great shoot today with Tim! He was good enough to find and book a hall for us to use during the shoot (which actually turned out to be a gem for natural light! Given his previous experience working infront of and behind cameras, Tim was happy to share some ideas which helped capture some really great shots.

Tim was easy to chat with during the shoot and takes direction well. I'd highly reccomend him to others and would gladly work together again

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GGDP Photography

1502323200Cancelled with less than 72 hours notice.

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Tim and I did our second shoot together today. As on the first shoot Tim, was at the venue, ready to work at the agreed time.

Tim's pre-shoot communication was very good and as last time we worked, he is very easy to get along with and very happy to put in the effort to get the shots.

It wasn't the warmest day to shoot outside, no complaint or pondering we just got straight on with working the venue.

I'm sure Tim and I will work together again in the not too distant future as I know Tim can work very well with or without direction.

Once again I thoroughly recommend Tim.

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Had my first shoot with Tim, today.

Pre shoot communication was excellent and when I arrived, Tim was ready to get to work, straight on with a lighting check and I was provided with a nice cup of tea.

Tim kindly assisted me unloading my gear and we were very soon getting on with the shoot.

He was polite, friendly and professional throughout the morning and has a great range of poses which he is very familiar with, Tim is also very happy to work from directions and willing to fine tune poses as required.

Tim has an obvious passion for modeling and creating art within each shot.

A genuinely enjoyable experience working with him. Looking forward to working with Tim again in the not too distant future.

I would most certainly recommend.

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