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Leigh WTS

I think Ive probably worked with Tigger on more than 10 occassions now! She is always an absolute dream to work with....reliable, punctual, beautiful, intelligent....

Tigger has a body to die for, and is great at posing. We always have a lot of laughs and chats along the way, whilst still getting plenty of sets done.

Highly recommend this brilliant lady xx

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Shooting Fish

Had a shoot today with Tigger. She is an absolute star. I don't need to say that she has an amazing body, as her pictures speak for themselves.

Her communications were great and she arrived on time. She worked with the minimum of direction, and is fantastic fun.

We will definitely be shooting together again soon.

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I had an excellent shoot with the lovely Tigger today. She is a great model with a sensational figure, and a wonderful personality to match.

Tigger was very chatty throughout the day and we got on extremely well.

We took what I think are some very good images using various different locations in my house, and I will be posting some of these in the near future on my PP portfolio. I highly recommend Tigger to other photographers, and you will certainly not be disappointed. Many thanks,Tigger.

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I had a really cool location shoot with Tigger, who was friendly, communicative and relaxed. I wanted to do mainly experimental stuff and Tigger was happy to let me try and create what I wanted while holding a pose. She was patient when it became self-evident that I didn't know my way around my stupid new camera, being playfully supportive about my lack of digital prowess.

She comes highly recommended.

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Had a wonderfull first shoot with lovely Tigger in Colchester. She looked great and was fun and was easy to work with. We had a nice shoot with great results. Would love to work again with her when i'm back in the UK.

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First meeting with Tigger today this morning.

An absolutely lovely lady, very easy to talk to and a thoroughly enjoyable couple hours working through various outfits as we'd discussed beforehand. Tigger was very open to direction as well as leading with her own ideas at other times.

Would definitely like to work with her again. A high recommendation from me.

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I had my first shoot with Tigger today.

Communication throughout was excellent.

Tigger was ready on time and had bought a great selection of outfits that we had discussed earlier.

She was really chatty and friendly and a joy to work with.

She takes direction well and has great idea of her one.

A really fun shoot and I would thoroughly recommend booking her. I would love to work with her again.

Thank you Tigger

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RAWing Waves

Had a fantastic first shoot with Tigger even though she had car problems on the way she still insisted on us doing the shoot.

She really is so easy to work with and has a great look.

We was doing some boudoir shots for her portfolio which she said she was sorely missing.

Got some great results and can't wait to shoot again.

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S Crumb

Tigger was rad to shoot with! Very down to earth. It was a quickly lined up shoot and

arrived to the shoot within the estimated time window she predicted she would be there.

Totally shoot with Tigger again!

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What a thoroughly delightful lady plus an amazing figure. Very easy going & made an amateur like me really comfortable. If you prefer the more uniqueness & individuality offered by the more mature lady then put Tigger at the top of your list.

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Tigger and I finally did our first shoot last week. (Hopefully it is the first of many).It was Tiggers first trip to Ireland.. Pre Shoot communications were excellent. Precise,detailed and to the point.

Tigger is a very relaxed and professional model..Easy to direct, very natural and happy to contribute suggestions where required.

She is attentive, careful with detail, very open and a pleasure to work with.

Our 3 Hours flew by effortlessly..we really got on very well together..

I defintely want to work with Tigger again. Highly recommended.

Thank you Tigger.. Really enjoyed it.

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Finally got to work with the great Tigger. Lovely personality and great fun to work with. Highly recommended. Will definitely work with her again if she's ever back on these shores.

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Had my first shoot with Tigger yesterday and hopefully not my last! Arranged at short notice, communication was fast and easy and all requirements were quickly obtained. Tigger had a great selection of clothing and lingerie to use and was well prepared for the shoot with everything ready for when I arrived.

She was extremely easy to work with and get along with that the time absolutely flew by. Responded really well to my direction but also offered ideas as we went. Very chatty and worked hard to get some good shots.

I'm very happy with the shoot and hope that Tigger will be in the area again very soon. Many thanks for a great shoot.

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Tony Brown

I had a great shoot with Tigger, who was ready to shoot when I arrived and had a great selection of lingerie we spoke about during pre-comms. Absolutely gorgeous inside and out, great personality. We had good communication during the shoot while Tigger posed effortlessly with or without direction. This was one of those shoots that you can't wait to get home to see the images on the computer. Looking forward to shooting with Tigger again.

Highly recommended

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Al Marley

Tigger is a fabulous model and was great to shoot with, highly recommended.

We captured some great images with some sparkling conversation and laughs along the way, which is what its all about really - felt like old friends by the end of the session.

With the limited time we managed to create a few sets but there's plenty of scope for another time, just a matter of when and where we can arrange !

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LL Photography

On time, great personality, extremely easy to get along with. This was Tigger's first bondage shoot and she put herself into it with great enthusiam

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Just had a most enjoyable shoot with the lovely Tigger.

Pre-shoot coms were excellent. After making initial contact before Christmas, content for the shoot was agreed and a date & venue was arranged. Despite having sat nav issues, Tigger still arrived at the agreed time.

Tigger is a very experienced model, she knows which poses work and despite feeling a little under the weather, this did not show in any of the images & she put in a great deal of effort to ensure the shoot was a success. Although needing very little, if any direction, Tigger is very receptive to the photographer's needs, takes direction very well, has a great selection of outfits and is a true professional.

Tigger is a very chatty, personable and fun person to work with and if 'Prince' or 'Queen' are playing in the background, you might just be lucky enough to get rendition. After being in Tigger's company for just a few minutes, it felt as though I had known her for years.

Tigger has a high standard work ethic and above all is a delight to work with. I am looking forward to shooting with her again and have no hesitation in recommending Tigger to other photographers.

Thank you Tigger

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Another great shoot with the delightful Tigger. Preshoot comms spot on and arrived fully prepared even though she got stuck on M25 for hours in traffic! Fully professional and straight down to work upon arrival. Shoot flowed as always and Tigger is a pure delight to be around with her chatty, friendly personality. Look forward to working together again soon!

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I worked with Tigger recently, she is very easy to get on with and to work with. We got some great results and I hope to work with Tigger again in the not too distant future. Thanks Tigger :).

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I worked with Tigger a little while ago she was a fantastic model, had a great time, throughly enjoyed our shoot together. We shot at my home, managed to do some video clips as well as I am learning. She is kind, patient and a complete professional. Would Highly recommend to others and hopefully work again in near future.

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