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Our planned shoot for today was brought forward to Tuesday to allow for adverse weather.

Nevertheless whatever day Tianna although young is a real talent in the making,confident and assured and a natural posing ability,she didn't seem atall fazed by all the constant stream of people walking by during shoot,it was a pleasure working with her a real boon to the modelling fraternity.Look forward to another shoot soon.

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Tivvy Taker

Had a great shoot with Tianna. Easy going and great communication in order to get the right style of clothing to bring. A very unique look which is what I was after.

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Maddie G

Had my first shoot today with Tianna and I’m glad that I’ve meet her!

She is an easy person to work with, was there on time and pre communication was excellent.

Thank you for being there and hope I will see you next time!

Maddie x

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Andy McG

Easy to set up a shoot in a studio local to both of us. Arrived on time with her mum and chauffeur. Plenty of outfits to choose from, included great boots.

Took direction well, and we went through a few different set ups and came away with some great photos.


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Had my second shoot with Tianna today and was great to work with her again. She takes direction well and came will a selection of outfits. She had moe confidence this time and this will only grow with each shoot.

Hope to work with her again soon

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Great shoot today with Tianna, just wandering around Exeter looking for ideas. She’s very professional, willing to try things, and had ideas of her own too. She’s very good at finding poses that work well with the environment. I hope to work with her again soon.

Her mum came along too, and was very helpful with ideas, as well as helping with carrying things!

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Studio f/11 (In abeyance)

Good Comms, a clear plan for a shoot in the studio, and she and her mother arrived on time and with plenty of well-organised outfits.

We worked steadily through several sets and ideas and props and produced some fairly generic pictures and an addition to a continuing series.

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had my first shoot with Tianna which was also her first professional shoot. a lit shy at first but soon overcome that and was a pleasure to. pre comms were great at arrived on time with her mum and we shot for a couple of hours. lovely young girl to work with.

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