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  • Part time Photographer
  • More than 10 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
  • I can travel or work from home
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Alternative, Beauty, Body Paint, Commercial, Cosplay, Dance, Fashion, Fitness, Glamour, Landscape, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Pinup, Portrait, Promotional, Swimwear, Topless and Wedding



I'm a new member trying to survive lockdown as photographer. For the last half year I was a bit passive with it, so I decided to set up this profile and do some more projects. I live in living in the UK for the last 12 years currently near to south London (Gatwick area)

Photography is my 2nd job and passion. I usually do it on weekends, but there is no rule in it.

I have been doing it professionally around 3-4 years now and probably another 7-10 years+ as an enthusiast/hobbyist.

That time spent I have specialized mostly in events/night-life and social photography, however I took pretty much all kinds of photos: weddings, maternity, sport, street portraits, children, LinkedIn portraits, sensual nudes, landscapes, products photography, estate indoor, macro etc... apart from medical and astro photography I have tried most of it.

I am still learning, trying new techniques, new software and trying to organize new projects ...I believe I developed good enough skills to produce decent looking images.

To improve my workshop I decided to join Purpleport, not only to be inspired, but also to get in contact with models and photographers, makeup artists across the country and Europe.

About my work and approach...

  • I have gathered fully professional equipment in those years and mostly photograph with Canon PRO body and set of L lenses covers whole spectrum from macro to tele. I also use Olympus EM-1 Mark II body and set of lenses when travel or for discrete street photography where size and weight matters more than pure performance.

  • I shoot in RAW only, so it takes some time to develop since I have a 2nd job also. Furthermore, I do not give unedited RAW to my customers or models... This is my work, my art, my children and I will not send dirty kids to nursery, so don't even ask for it. From hundreds pictures I usually  take I develop 30-40 JPEGs good ones. Amount of it really depends on project and can vary a lot. You have to trust my selection and my post-processing skills. I usually send link to my Google Drive cloud disc to share it with customers. Printing or physical drive can be provided if require for additional cost. I keep digital copies for a while until I need to release space on my virtual drive. Weddings, maternity sessions etc. I do print on demand and supply elegant pen driver or DVD/Blu-ray discs

  • I use mainly Adobe Lightroom for years, DXO Photolab a little and recently started Skylum Luminar. On top of that I use specialized software for HDRs, watermarks etc. - All my software is legally purchased . I am self-educated ...with a bit of help from internet society :).  I am also basic Photoshop user, however I don't really do deep interference into photos or like spend hours on one picture.

  • I am photographer not graphic designer and will be honest here (because I was asked for it in the past)- I can make you look slightly slimmer, more tanned, whiten your teeth if needed. Furthermore, I will cover all bruises, retouches scars and veins, cover hair loss, soften your skin and wrinkles, BUT I will not make you look 15 kilograms lighter or add more muscles or make you look 20 years younger. Likewise, I do not change proportions of pictures (don't stretch them) and use professional tools to compensate geometric distortions and all lens if you think you still look "fat" on the final result it is probably because this is how it is in reality. Do not look here my fault.

  • I did not finish any art school. I don't own any photographer diploma or certificate and I don't think photographer instinct is something you can learn in school. It can teach you how to use equipment and lightning that's won't learn how to sing in music school

  • I do not own my own studio, however I have a set of lightning ,tripods, diffusers, soft boxes, background etc. so I can adopt most of the rooms to a studio like environment. If needed I can hire a studio on demand. .I can work both ways - paid and free collaboration if that helps my photography.

  • Prices are very individual and negotiable based on time spent on it, amount of required pictures, additional cost such as location hire, gadgets, travel and other expenses. If applied are very competitive. Usually fraction or RPP photographer cost.

  • I don't mind to work with peoples with no experience or not model look like. There is always something new I can learn from anyone. I also feel large satisfaction if I can make someone looks beautiful and smart especially if they were not blessed by nature. I respect people and require the same in exchange....even if you are not professional I expect you will act like. If you made an appointment, set up a date to fulfill your words. Come prepare and on time.

  • Canceling, not appearing , changing ideas in the last moment is unprofessional and disrespectful. I book my time, I put an effort to think, prepare, set up/find locations, items etc. I am not happy to chase ghosts or call/text deaf numbers. If you have to cancel it do it at least 48h before

  • You can always come with friend/partner if you feel you need it, but I need to be preadvised. I don't want to argue with a jealous partner or have any type of interference in the shooting process... Mass gatherings, family visits at photoshoots are usually not necessary and not high welcome - one friend is enough

  • I am  easy-going and friendly person. I was once on front of camera on a pro photoshoot also a few years ago, so I know how awkward and unnatural situation it could be for some people. Likewise, I will be very reasonable here if needed and helpful. I am open for new kind of experience and challenges, also can travel. Furthermore, I own a car, so everything in 25 miles radius from London Gatwick area where I currently live (exactly the middle way between Brighton and London) is not a problem at all for me. Longer distance would have to be more discussed.

I try to reply all messages sent to me however sometimes it might take me a while so stay tuned.

I am happy to see you messages and suggestions. See you at photoshoot!

Best Regards




Fitness/sport photoshoot South London to Brighton area
Brighton & Croydon & Gatwick & London from Monday, March 1st to Friday, April 30th.


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