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Geoff Nichols Photography

Where do I start? Scarlett is a fantastic model. She's such a genuinely nice person, great fun with bags of energy. She needed no direction from me, completely understood the concept of the shoot and made great creative contributions throughout. Professional to a T and an absolute pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you so much Scarlett - look forward to working with you again :)

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We shot earlier today and I am delighted with the images we created together.

Scarlett Rose is easy to work with, poses well and photographs beautifully.

Thank you :)

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Scarlett is such a vibrant young lady. She kindly answered our casting call and her pre comms came with suggestions on what we could shoot and where. She arrived early on Brighton sea front on a chilly December morning, with a lovely broad smile and her wonderful personality. She worked hard and patiently with us and posed easily. Chatting with her throughout, she has very clear ideas on what she wants to achieve over the next year, with costume design etc and we would welcome the idea to work with her again either in Brighton or at OpenSpace Studio, Northants.

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The Naked Artist

Great meeting Scarlett, a real professional and great vibrant personality, easy going, and fun to shoot with. Looking forward to editing the photos from our gasmask fashion photo shoot in Brighton.

Will def be photographing her in the future!

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Brendan Bishop

I had two consecutive shoots with Scarlett; the first on the beach and then the following day in the woods.

Scarlett was a great model and great company. She helped me carry my car-load of kit and was very patient throughout the day. She applied her own make-up to a good standard quickly and brought a good range of clothes.

Scarlett posed well without need for direction but also took well to direction. She endured the pain of bare feet on a stony beach on the first day and uncomfortable positions lying on a stool for the second shoot, all without complaining. She gave all for the perfect shot, and it shows in the images. I am extremely pleased with the results and I look forward to shooting with Scarlett again soon.

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Davud Farzulla

Met Scarlett in Brighton and her enthusiasm, kind and easy going nature instantly made me realise that it was going to be a great day shooting. Scarlett is very organised so she brought a lot of changes of clothes with her and she knew exactly what she was doing when it came to posing. Being an artist herself she was very critical of her own work and strived to get the right poses for each set. I very much liked that about her as she was on the same wavelength when it came to creativity and trying out new ideas. What a great day and some fantastic photos.

We had Xanthe with us also who interacted and worked with Scarlett very well. Both girls showed great attitude and did not shy away from giving their opinion on how to make the shots better. Three heads better than one!

Will look forward to working together in the future. Thank you Scarlett for a great experience and I hope you like the photos we have produced!

All the best!


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3rd shoot with Scarlett

I love working with Scarlett she is always imaginative, and creative always punctual and well prepared

This time around Scarlett wanted to shoot and I was more than happy to oblige

Unfortunately we were let down by the hair dresser who pulled out at 35 minutes before the shoot

This didn't deter Scarlett and we persevered,

we still managed to get some lovely images, even if it wasn't as we hoped or expected

But not every thing in life is as reliable and professional as Scarlett

If you get a chance, work with her, you won't be disapointed

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Had my second shoot with This is Scarlett Rose Sunday. A few months on the weather was a bit kinder, which allowed us to get out and about. As per previously, Scarlett's preshoot comms were excellent, she arrived with exactly the items we'd discussed, more than enough for the shoot as it turned out.

We'd outlined the idea of the shoot, which involved Scarlett doing some relatively elaborate make up, which she did with ease and skill. I'm hoping the sight of her didn't do lasting damage any small children (it did amuse some passers by)

As before, she was, enthusiastic, energetic and full of fun. Once in front of the camera she's far more skilled than you'd imagine someone with relatively small amount of experience would be. She looks great, poses well, and is determined to get great shots. Including wading out waist deep into water before divulging her swimming capability leaves something to be desired.

The results were, to my eye, excellent, I'm really pleased with them. We've chatted about our next shoot.

Great work, great fun young lady, definitely recommended. See you soon Scarlett. :D

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Colin Solomon Photography

Well working with Scarlett was just simply a whole lot of fun. We collaborated a Geisha themed shoot together, and Scarlett was fully on board right from the start of the project, she sourced the costumes and many of the props. Communication was great leading up to the shoot, she arrived early on the day and was full of positive energy and bundles of enthusiasm, and really got head into playing the character of a Geisha girl, it was truly amazing to watch, not only a fantastic model but an exceptional actress too.

Scarlett is very capable of doing her own hair and makeup to a very high standard and everybody involved on set and location loved her, we cannot recommend Scarlett enough, truly an inspiration to the model industry, and we cannot wait to work with her again.

Thank you Scarlett for an amazing day (we'll get the images to you soon, they're absolutely amazing by the way :-) ).

Colin and Jo.

Very highly recommended *****

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Had my second shoot with Scarlett a few days ago

Once again a wonderful time. This time we took to the streets of London with outlandish costumes and produced some cracking images.

Pre shoot comes were great

Scarlett as always prepared immaculately

And with her bubbly personality, creativity and energy made shooting s breeze

Very highly recommended

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HollyB said...

Scarlett was so great to work with as a model! She was so energetic and came up with brilliant ideas for fhe shoot!

I would love to work with Scarlett again and recommend her highly to photographers etc!


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My shoot with Scarlett was just fantastic. Her standard of hair and make up is exceptional, she had a suitcase full of goodies and a mountain of enthusiasm. She clearly understood my ideas and was happy to take direction. She is enormous fun to work with but also very dedicated to getting the shot right and she puts everything into a shoot. Her communication both before and after the shoot was top notch and really I cannot praise her highly enough. She is an absolute joy.

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Janet Reidman Photography said...

What can l say about this pocket dynamo called Scarlett that's not been said before!

Full of energy, Full of life, So many ideas,

Suitcases of creative gems and a smile to make any grumpy tramp smile!!

This young lady was called in at the last moment That didn't stop her.

Scarlett is like a breathe of fresh air at hurricane speed!!

Would l use this young ladies creative talents again... Sure as hell l would!!!

To bring 3 models together and them all to work so well together was great, l think the other two models learnt modelling skills they never thought they had and all from Scarlett !!

A blast, loads of fun.

Book this girl, If you don't, Your sure to be missing out . we will work together again, that's when l catch my breath back of course! xx

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Harley Linsdell

Had the amazing pleasure of working with Scarlett, she has so much energy and so fun to work with. A real eye in doing what it takes to make the pictures work, 100% would love to work with her again and really hope in the future to do.

Highly recommended this crazy hyper extremely beautiful model she will make you pictures pop and leave you with a massive smile on your face!!

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Antony Sendall

This was my second shoot with Scarlett and it was equally amazing as our first. We shot in three different locations with three outfits and had to duck and dive around thunder and rain. As always Scarlett was brimming with enthusiasm and energy and mae my job really easy as well as enormous fun. She communicates well before a shoot, arrives on time, does her own make-up and puts 110% in at all times. I have not finished processing the images yet, but I am really pleased with them so far. I shall be pretty disappointed if we don't turn out at least one more FPI. I can hardly recommend Scarlett highly enough.

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Had my 2nd shoot today with the unique and amazing scarlett

A random 2 hour shoot flew by and didnt notice the 4 hours of fun and amusement

We shot a fun UV BODY PAINT shoot

She is an outstanding model

Open honest direct very professional with great comms

Has never cancelled on me nor arrived late

Comes with such a varied selection of outfits in her case but a much vaster imagination who needs no direction

Cant wait for our next shoot

She is also a outstanding designer too and can turn a piece of cloth into an eye catching master piece

Shes a very up and coming woman in this industry

Highly recommended indeed

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artist1 said...

Had an entertaining shoot yesterday with Scarlett, Punctual, communicative, with a good repertoire of looks. Woukld highly recommend her.

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What can I say about Scarlett Rose.........

If Carlsberg made models.......

It was an absolutely amazing experience that quite frankly I didn't want to end.. Loved every second of it

Pre comms were spot on we talked through ideas and Scarlett turned up early with a perfect selection to fit the shoot

And wow, what a wonderful lady, full of energy, full of personality, full of ideas, so very creative

We were soon on exactly the same wavelength, Scarlett worked tirelessly to achieve the shots with an amazing attention to detail. Contributed so much to the shoot I can't thank her enough

As for the results, some absolutely wonderful images

Her posing was great, showing talent and experience, and what little direction was needed Scarlett took superbly.

Would I work with her again? Absolutely, my one regret from the shoot is it had to end, I would happily still be shooting now several days later, but I guess we would have run out of Jaffa cakes by then

Thank you Scarlett for what is undoubtedly one of the best fun filled enjoyable shoots ever!!!

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If i could sum up this Amazing model and fabulous person in one word i would be struggling to find that word for her.

Her comms was brilliant her time keeping was bang on the outfits she collected made and brought could not of been more suited if she was on huge production cast

Scarlett is very versatile self directed has excellent contours movements and a great imagination

She is a delight to work with

We are already talking of themes and accessories for next shoot

Book with this amazing up and coming new model because if you dont you may just regret it

Thank you for a fantastic and memorable shoot and getting me some beautiful desired imagery

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Antony Sendall

Great shoot with Scarlett yesterday. She communicated well before the shoot, arrived on time and was a thorough pleasure to work with from start to finish. Scarlett brought along her own costume creations and was a very able and enthusiastic model, requiring very little direction. Despite the temperature being quite close to freezing, she was game for every suggestion I had, including lying down on a bed of cold damp moss in the woods. We captured some fabulous images as a result. I will definitely work with her again and would recommend her to anyone.

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