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Welcome to The Creative Eye Photographers PP page!

This is a Meetup Group that has been created for photographers to connect, work together on shoots and create fantastic images.

Who is this group for?

  • If you are someone who has doubted themselves and your photographic skills
  • You may not be sure how to improve your own photography,
  • You love travelling, immersing yourself in a story,
  • You love to explore new things,
  • You want to have a shared experience

...then this will be the right group for you!


In this group, you will learn how to connect, learn and work with models and photographers. We will keep the groups small, allowing you more shoot time, time to reflect on the images you're taking and allow you time to learn from each other in the group.

Our workshops will allow you to develop your grasp of natural light photography but also extend it with the use of off-camera flash. Our workshops will add to your portfolios in a new and dynamic way while keeping your photography affordable.


We are always looking to hire great models to work with our small workshop groups currently in London. If you’re looking to expand your portfolio and connect to work with a diverse range of photographers, then drop us a message!


An MUA is an essential element for any photographic shoot! If you’re interested in getting experience on shoots or are well established, do get in touch if you have something in mind!

What next?

We will also be running a wider variety of photographic workshops, so keep a lookout for upcoming events! We look forward to seeing you soon at our workshops!  

Signup to workshops by clicking here

Connect with us on Instagram @thecreativeeyephotographers


Covid-19 Update 

Models/Photographers: please be aware that in light of the changing situation that shoots will be rearranged to another date once the things become clearer.

Post-Lockdown Location Shooting for photographers & models:

- 2m-distancing will be used when visiting locations and meeting group/model(s)

- We will try and ensure common areas and holding areas are outside wherever possible

- We will prioritise for one location, without too much movement if necessary

- Location(s) chosen will be in a 4G area, where possible, to transmit live video over the internet, if WiFi unavailable.

- Shoot Locations chosen are to be well-ventilated.

- We will avoid locations which will not permit minimum 2m-distancing.

All photographers/models must bring their own:

- Mask

- Gloves

- Hand sanitiser



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