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Neva from an atypical angle.

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Neva from an atypical angle. / Photography by The Chaos Engineers, Model Neva / Uploaded 8th November 2016 @ 07:28 PM

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I spend a lot of my time crawling around at floor level like some kind of vile photographic insect ("If only he would stop making that unbearable hissing noise!") looking for interesting angles. This window appeared, created by the frame of Neva's legs, and this shot presented itself.

Member Comments

CaliginousdreamerCaliginousdreamer said, 1491561335

in awe with your work!!! ♥

LittleOwlLittleOwl said, 1484532042

Great idea and brilliantly executed. Your knees must be in bits by the end of a shoot!

GlimerreGlimerre said, 1478798679

Haha love it :D

photowizardphotowizard said, 1478641309

I am a great fan of your work - fab image