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  • Part time Photographer
  • More than 31 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
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Adult, Alternative, Beauty, Body Paint, Bondage, Commercial, Erotic, Fashion, Fetish, Fitness, Glamour, Landscape, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Nude, Pinup, Portrait, Promotional, Sheer, Swimwear and Topless




Have been into photography since my teens on and off but mostly 35mm film then, did it professionally for a few years then went into other things (mostly music) and lost a lot of my past work along with it even had my own developing room at one stage, I have always been involved with the arts on one level or another not limited to recording studios and even the BBC at one stage.

I have not found my style or niche yet (perhaps I will never find it) as I do not tend to stick within the norm, my outlook is very alternative and quirky and will often combine several methods to produce something else and hence the variations that will follow in my portfolio.

I am a self-employed programmer and build mostly applications for the internet and mobiles I am lucky enough to choose what work I do so if I want to spend a few weeks on my photography I can. I have several clients I supply photographs to now, these range from web design based companies, print companies and product launch and also run my own companies dealing with the media and web.

If you are a model I am always looking for models for business / office / product release shoots, I also use other photographers when required and/or in collaboration.

Because of my own basic interest in photography I also want to increase my own portfolio of more artful projects and shoots.

Gloucestershire Photographic Networking

Recently created a group called: Gloucestershire Photographic Networking if anyone is interested? It’s open to all the arty types including but not limited to photographers and models, there are no explicit rules yet other than purpleports, just collaboration and hopefully meetings so go join if you think it’s a good idea :-)

Private Studio Gloucester

The studio (at present) is not a commercial undertaking but part of my hobby; I own a large 16/17/18/19th century building which has Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian in parts being modified over the centuries and extra buildings attached to produce a very quirky and lovely building which is truly a one off, the original building was a small cottage in the 16th century and has grown from there over the centuries to produce this large building.

You may see parts of it in my pictures most recent is the Edwardian Staircase, it’s not something that has been fabricated either this part of the house was actually built in the period and has a massive hallway entrance area; just TLC is required at present.

A substantial investment has been put into the property keeping and adding to its very quirky nature not limited to the extensive private south-facing gardens and grounds it sits on (sunshine all day long). So as you can imagine it is not a cheap undertaking and have been considering private hires to photographers.

Any photo’s I personally take will be at these premises and will have some pictures up in the next few months, at present I am busy building the studio parts and adding to the gardens.

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