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I had a great photoshoot with Terry today in his London studio.

He is not only a wonderful photographer, but also a lovely company to have. Truly a definition of an artistic soul, his joy of creating is palpable!

His studio is filled with interesting props and costumes and the whole atmosphere of the place supports creativity. It was an incredibly fun experience. I am very grateful for being allowed my own input in the process and for being treated with such great respect and kindness throughout!

I can't wait to see the final form of the images. Thank you so much for today!

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I shot again yesterday with the lovely Terry and what a great day few hours it was .

He goes above and beyond to create the perfect images.

I look forward to shooting with him again soon

A very professional and respectful photographer and would totally recommended him again.

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After been in contact for a while, finally managed to shoot with Terry at his studio in London.

Pre communication was great and on the spot.

Terry welcomed me at his studio. Lovely place with lots of beautiful costumes, some handmade pieces and props. The shoot went really well, we covered a wide range of set in just a couple of hours.

Terry is a lovely person, made me feel welcomed and comfortable. He is very talented photographer, love his images and I am very looking forward to see the final result.

Would recommend Terry to any model and I would love to work with him again.

Thank you Terry :)

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Had a wonderful shoot with terry, terry had the most amazing outfits at hand we created numerous strong fashion images.

Terry was delight to work with the overall shoot was fantastic and I’m so excited to see the images.

I would highly recommend Terry can’t wait for our next shoot!

Karina 😊

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As usual I really enjoyed my shoot with Terry. Multiple outfits to choose from in the warm. Despite camera issues and technology not doing it’s best, we still make it through it together. Highly recommended. :)

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I had an inspiring shoot with Terry. It flew by so fast as it was so enjoyable, lots of outfits to try and props to use. Was an astonishing afternoon. Thank you :)

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Jessika Blaze

Terry applied for a last minute casting call of mine when I was cancelled on during my trip to London.

And I'm soso glad he did!

We only shot for 2 hours, but the range we covered was absolutely phenomenal.

Terry has an incredible eye for lighting and poses, and just from the back of camera I knew we'd made some awesome stuff.

Terry was super lovely and accommodating and spent a while before the shoot making sure the studio was nice and warm for when I arrived, which I appreciated so much on a cold December day!

The studio is filled with all sorts of strange and wonderful things, which kept me entertained during breaks!

Would highly recommend working with Terry, you'll have a fantastic time :)

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Beast Awakens

Was very much not expecting to shoot with Terry, but I'm glad I did!

My partner had a shoot booked in with Terry during a mini London tour of ours, so I drove her there and helped her into the studio with her bags, at which point Terry said that he'd very much like to shoot with me as well!

Very easy to work with, relaxed and laid back atmosphere, open to collaboration and ideas but had some amazing ones of his own, with a great eye and superb lighting setups!

Very accommodating and friendly, would definitely recommend and would love to work with again!

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Had a wonderful shoot with Terry. He has a great studio and definitely a pro as I felt that it was easy to communicate and discuss with him the poses and ideas. I would undoubtedly recommend to work and collaborate with Terry and I am looking forward to shooting with him again!

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vonny lang

Always a pleasure working with Terry. He's always looking for ways to show kindness to others and gives his time & energy to other people without asking anything in return.

I'm so pleased with the photos that we produced. Even got an amazing headshot!!

Will always take up any opportunity to shoot with Terry at his studio! Highly recommended.

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Terry got in touch about shooting in his London studio with him, and I was really looking forward to it.

It was such a great shoot. Terry has a great studio full of absolutely fantastic items of clothing, and props that you would only dream of. I took full advantage of what was available, I felt like a kid in a sweet shop looking through it all. I felt blessed to be able to wear a dress that Terry had made out of feathers. It was stunning!

Terry is a fabulous photographer with amazing lighting skills. He shoots great angles getting great shots. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Terry and I look forward to shooting again soon

Thank you again for a great shoot

Very highly recommended from me

Lou ☺️

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Michail Jarovoj

I have met Terry today for another collaborative photo session and was once again very impressed from his hospitality and never ending creative energy. Excellent communication before and during the shoot and also a lot of magic and Great professionalism, that materialised in some wonderful photos. Thanks a lot to Terry and I can't wait to see and work together again. I totally recommend him to anyone who's looking for some very special photos for their portfolios.

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Jan Davies

I had an amazing shoot with Terry a few days ago.He was very professional and respectful.I really loved his studio and all the collection he has and It came out with some really interesting ideas I had never done before.I am so impressed with his creativity and skill. i would love to shoot again with him.

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Ria Fantastic

Terry was my first shoot after the forced pandemic pause - and he was just what the doctor ordered. He had me over at his impressive little studio in Islington, which was stocked with just about everything a model could ask for.

Terry is a really refreshing, interesting, creative and passionate photographer, and great company too. It was a pleasure to shoot with him and I'm glad I got to do so before I stop modelling!

Ria :)

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I had really nice shoot with Terry yesterday . Such a nice person and very Talented CREATIVE photographer .

He made me feel comfortable the whole time it was very easy to work with him

Hope to shoot again soon on another project ...

strongly Recommended


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Had a wonderful shoot with Terry in amazing studio with wide collection of vintage accessories for shoot. Very creative, passionate photographer who is a good chat company and has loads of ideas for shoot! Would totally reccomend and hope to work together in some time

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Federica Pizi

Yesterday I had my first shoot with Terry and I’m ready to have a second one soon!

We enjoyed so much.

He’s a real artist in everything he does.

He made me feel comfortable and relaxed completely.

Time by time we were having a bigger communication that allowed us to create always more, we wouldn’t never stop with the photos! Which is impossibile for the amount of beautiful dresses that he has in his wardrobe, especially vintage ones.

He's also very good at giving direction and for me he’s more than recommended.

Can’t wait to see the final results!

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Had an awesome first shoot with Terry last month!!

What a legend, so much fun and laughs and we whizzed through a load of sets with such ease with all the cool costumes and outfits he had in his studio.

Was not a dull moment and time actually flew by!

Cant wait to see the edits!

Such an enjoyable shoot and looking forward to working with him again!

Recommended 1000%

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Terry was a joy to work with. It was comfortable and relaxed. He's a real artist in what he does. He doesn't over click the camera. Once he's got a good picture he doesn't keep snapping away. He's great at giving direction and also open to ideas from the model. The lighting was exceptional and the wardrobe he has is very unique. He's a super nice guy and someone who loves what he does and it comes through working with him. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to create beautiful images.

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vonny lang

I just had my second shoot with Terry and once again I'm mind-blown. I don't think anyone is able to create art the way he does. Seriously he's in a league of his own! As usual, I loved wearing the incredible vintage pieces in his collection. There's enough cool stuff in that studio to shoot for days... We shot with my husband this time around and we both had a blast. Can't wait to see the images and look forward to hanging out/shooting with Terry again!

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