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Scarlett Artemis

David is a wonderful man and truly a professional in his field, the quality of work that he provides is amazing I was so pleased with my session and final photographs, looking forward to working with him again to create more ideas we have :)

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Came to the shoot and start into it

David took shots me in my mens clothes then we slowly moved onto other thing's .

He was warm and welcome, knocked when upon opening the models changing room. Offred make tea , he talked to me about his black and white pictures (witch was amazing btw)! we finished a little early but it wasnt a problem . the point is i had fun!! this was MY FIRST ever paid shoot and i could not ask for any better for the "first time" or basically my 2nd shoot. David was so sweet towards the end , i just wanted to give a big hug but ill send a virtual one instead! . David, you have gave me a great experience and i hope to work with you again/ see your projects. You are a amazing person.

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Scarlett Artemis

Had a fantastic first shoot with David, easily the best experience with a photographer to date. Can’t recommend him enough and can’t wait to see the images :)

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A amazing shoot today, so relaxed and easy going. A great pleasure working with David and i cant wait to see the results of our work

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Had such an amazing shoot with David. He’s so friendly and chatty, made me feel so at ease. Highly professional and got some amazing shots! Would 100% work with again!

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Had a wonderful shoot with David at the weekend. David had a realy easy going manner and found him such a pleasure to work with and what turned out to be such a lovely shoot one of my best!

i would highly reccomend David and cant wait to see the picis! 😀❤

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Rebecca Lotus

I had the pleasure of working with David as part of my Essex tour, he was polite and courteous, very easy to talk to and get on with. I felt 100% comfortable throughout the couple hours we shot together and would definitely recommend him.

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Marc Prior Photography

I had the pleasure of hosting David at my flat while he shot with Rebecca Lotus on her tour of Essex recently. David showed up and was very easy to get along with.

I would highly recommend David and would gladly welcome him back any time.

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So if I recommend David, I must leave a positive reference...

Well, good grief, sod positive reference, this one is going to be positively glowing!!

David had clear pre-shoot comms and was so keen for me to put my own input into our shoot, that just made it such an enjoyable experience!!

Working with full-format, medium-format and the *bronze* leica was incredible! His passion for his photography shows through unmistakably and this is then shown in his beautiful work.

Professional, respectful and fascinating man to chat to!

Highly recommended!!

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blonde 94

I had a great shoot with David last week. It was so lovely to see someone so enthusiastic and I was happy we got the shoot he was looking for on the fiest take!

He was very friendly and professional and I can't wait to see the results. I highly recommend and hopefully we can work together again in the future!

Thanks David :)

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I had an incredibly refreshing shoot today with David. He has a very unique approach to creating imagery that interests me. His way means that he manages to capture people at their truest self, which adds a feeling and human connection in a photograph that is rare in the snap happy world of the digital age. He loves analogue work to pieces, as well as capturing the spirit of people, which is reflected beautifully by his highly passionate demeanor and warmth to be around. David is very aware and open minded. He's a great person to work with and generally to be around. I couldn't reccommend a day with him enough and hope to work with him again :)

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Had my first shoot with David today, and enjoyed every moment! Certainly one of my most interesting shoots to date, and managed to learn quite a few things in the process with is exciting after 8 years in the industry.

Professional and passionate, I couldn't recommend his work and manner any higher.

Looking forward to seeing the final outcomes!

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Robyn Summers

Second time round I had another absolutely fantastic shoot with David in Cambridge.

He showed up on time, was again very polite, friendly and easy to talk to.

I am just lost for words with the images we have produced and I simply couldn't recommend him more! :D

David is so easy to make conversation and have a laugh with- on both occasions it felt like we had known eachother for years!!

David is full of creativity, patience and skill. Someone who should be on every model's WTWW list!

I cannot wait to come down for another visit and work with him on something awesome and I know for sure he will pull it off :D

Thank you for two terrific shoots David and see you soon for sure!

Robyn xox

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Robyn Summers

I finally got the chance to work with David for the first time this week.

What an absolutely fantastic and talented guy he is!

David was very easy going as we had to rearrange our shoot due to me being ill and I was met at the station on time and was greeted with a friendly face,

On the way to the location we had a good chat and a laugh which made me feel totally at ease.

I love the way David works, he found a stunning location and just was an absolute blast to work with! I really can't say it enough.

Working on film was an interesting experience that I don't get to have very often and already I am looking forward to working with him again :)

I couldn't recommend him highly enough to other models! One of the best people I have worked with so far and certainly hope we can shoot more in the future.

Thank you so much David,

Robyn xox

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Experienced model-Luuluu

Was an pleasure meeting and working with David for the homeless awareness charity group shoot. He was very professional and fun to work with. I would defo recommend him to anyone. Would love to work with him again soon. Top bloke :)

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Amanita Storm

Wow wow WOW!!! Most amazing shoot of my life... I cannot put into words the connection I felt, and how comfortable and at ease David made me feel. His camera's, ideas, props and stories were just incredible. Loved every single minute of it, I really can't thank him enough. He was so lovely to my partner as well, making him feel included in the shoot and even taking a 'couples photo' which I was delighted about! Cannot WAIT to see these images!

Professional, organised, considerate and all in all a wonderful character in which me and my partner have a lot in common with!

If you haven't worked with David, you must! You wont forget a shoot with him in a long long time.

Thankyou so much man.

All my love Jess x

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Lizzie Bayliss

David and I worked together to create some beautiful art nude images on film during my East Anglia Tour.

He was really well prepared and knows his stuff, and it was really great to chat to him about our shared love of film photography.

He made me feel relaxed and engaged from the start, and worked tirelessly to get the right shot. David was very friendly and professional in his attitude, as well as being considerate about my comfort.

I was very pleased with how the shoot went and hope to work with him again sometime.

Fully recommended,

Lizzie xx

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Nocturnium said...

Great shoot with David. Relaxed, chatty, fun and altogether professional. Really interesting and different experience to shoot in film!

Would thoroughly recommend to anyone!

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Neeve Kelly

Working with David was fantastic experience. He's chatty, fun and in all a pleasure to work with. He is highly creative and enjoys experimenting with film cameras. I would most definitely work with him again. I would highly recommend him without any doubt!

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Artemis Fauna

I had a great two hour shoot with David while I was on a mini tour.

David was a very lovely and interesting person to work with and I really enjoyed shooting on film! David was chatty, funny and relaxed. I, along with Emma (who's house we used to shoot in) really enjoyed David's company and I can't wait to see the results from the shoot.

Thank you David, Highly recommended!

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