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Luci Fur

So yesterday I shot with Phil and it was honestly amazing! He has a great eye and lot's of passion, very highly recommended, can't wait to see all of the finished results, lot's of fun and very creative. *****

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Ava Lee

Had my first shoot with Phil after quite a break from modelling. It was brilliant, although I wasn’t feeling amazing on this particular day he made me look it and made me feel it! His direction is brilliant and he’s clearly one of the most natural photographers just knowing what to do with lighting without having to try. He understands what’s important from the models point of view and not just in making sure he gets the results he wants from a photographers point of view, it’s a team effort and never known the time to fly by so quickly. I didn’t even want to know the time! Looking forward to more shoots with him for definite.

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Lauren Allan101

Phil is amazing to work with as a novice model. He helped direct you and has already shown me the basics in one shoot! I felt completely comfortable with him and his colleagues.

He is a perfectionist and extremely professional. I cannon wait for my next shoot with Phil.

Thank you!

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1574208000Did not show up.

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Had my first ever shoot today with Phil and i cant fault it one bit! He was really good with directing me into poses and made me feel really comfortable! 😊 Phil is very friendly and easy to get along with, i think we done as much talking as we did taking the photos 😂 I would highly recommend Phil to all models, especially new ones as he has helped me a lot! Looking forward to seeing the photos 😃 X

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I couldn't recommend Phil more!

He was super lovely, and so talented.

I'm new to modeling, he was so helpful with poses and made me feel so comfortable. Can't wait to work with him again! Thanks again Phil!

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My second shoot with Phil and it was awesome getting great images once again. At first we wasn't having the best if luck with the sun hiding and the wind blowing us and equipment around but we managed to turn things around and make the best of the day getting some stunning images. Phils a great guy, so much fun to be around! I could listen to him go on for hours. I would always drop anything to shoot with phil, his just very professional, talented, easygoing and I don't think he could take a bad picture even if he tried lol!

100% recommended

Thanks phil

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Chantelle Xx

What a good shoot ☺️☺️☺️

I really can't wait till next time I really can't .

Gave him a tour of my home got set up straight

Away .

Not only he made me feel comfortable but also

Gave me gudince.

We we're both bursting with ideas witch made

Me feel so very relaxed ☺️☺️

What a great shoot & very good at his job brilliant photographer it was a pleasure

Working together

Highly recommended 100% xx

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Stella Star

After sooo many years I finally got to model for Phil today !!

I'm very impressed, a lot of today was improv on the day with a little planning 1or 2 days before. Phil made me feel very comfortable and let me bring my ideas forward. We bounced of each other well, came up with some good outfits and poses and I'm reeeeally looking forward to the finished pictures !

Phil is a comical, loveable character and has great vision for photographic art :)

Thank you for today lovely. It would be a pleasure to woirk with you again :) xx

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Pati Trish

I had a great first shoot with Phil last monday. Great pre shoot communication. He is friendly and professional, and gave direction when needed.

He is a Genius !!! And such a lovely person. We had a great few hours together ;) I would love to have milion shoots more with Phil and Im gonna have it :))))

Highly recommended abd the best photographer I ever meet !

Thank You Phil for all these amazing photos :) xx

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Phil is such a cool, easy going, funny, relaxed and interesting guy! I felt very relaxed around him as if we had worked together before, Conversation was just flowing. We arranged to do a laundrette style shoot, which I think it turned out pretty awesome considering how busy the location became. We didn't get everything we both wanted so We have already arranged to work together again, and I have a feeling we will be working together a lot in the future.

If your looking for a photographer Phil's the guy!

100% recommended!

Thanks phil 😊

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CarliePeters said...

Phil is a great guy, the shoot was fun and exciting and he helped me out a lot with finding shapes, and the photos look amazing!! Can't wait to shoot with you again!

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Miss Dean said...

Phil Howard is a GENIUS!!!! Had a shoot with Phil yesterday and all i can say man is a Photographic Genius!! what a talent, i simply adore him and so wish he lives closer , i would have shoot with him every week!!!!

Love u my darling!!!!!!

Boniedean X

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UK Model

WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!

I had a amazing, brilliant,Slizzing shoot with Phil today such a beautiful cool person

So captured by him, I haven't enjoyed a shoot for a very long time like I have with Phil

Such a talented photographer and just knows how to line up a shot

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Penny Lee

Worked with Phil few times.. and I love it.. what a wikid photographer!!! Wanna work with him even more.. shots are always wikid!! and such lovely guy to!! x

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I have worked with Phil several times, and he really is brilliant. His images are second to none.

(Natasha Louissa Model)

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