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Hi, I'm Zarah and I am a one woman designer of my own hand made clothing brand Superstitchious. I love to work and collaborate with other models too as well as model myself - my personal model page is Zarah Lenore.

I am overflowing with inspiration and creativity and I relish any opportunity to express myself and my love of clothing.

My style blends Medieval, Goth, Victorian and Steampunk, and this reflects in the clothing I make.

I love anything fantasy inspired and I am also happy to put together and model other outfits as I have quite a large wardrobe!

I am art school trained with a view to illustration, design and dressmaking, fascinated by how beautiful materials can be turned into garments. My artistic talent has proved to be in conjunction with alternative clothes design, and thinking up and creating these garments is my biggest passion in life.

List of photographers I have worked with:

SteveK Photography

Medusa Gorgona Photography


Altercarnated Photography

Rhinoa's Photography


JonDea Photography

Alpha Images (Tony Robinson)

Rob Taylor

Gordon Burns Photography

Bigman Kal

George X


Paul Webb

List of Models I have worked with:

Emma Dark

Leanne James

Valen Vain

Druidess of Midian

Belle UK

Evie Wolfe



Darren Demondaz

Hayley Exhayle

Ella Amethyst

Filia Lunae


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