Additional Information

Stats and sizes

  • 54yr old Female model
  • Stats(in/USA) 35B-27-36
  • USA dress size 6
  • 5'5" tall
  • 123lbs
  • USA shoe size 5
  • Blue eyes
  • Very long dark brown hair
  • Olive skin
  • Mediterranean ethnicity

Shoots styles

Beauty, Commercial, Fitness, Lifestyle, Portrait, Promotional, Sheer, Swimwear and Wedding



Hi, I’m a fabulous 53 years young. Ex runner of marathons and now keen yoga enthusiast and golfer of very amateur status. After a lifetime of corporate shoulder pad jostling, International academia and battling terrible twos to terrifying teens I’ve escaped! Escaped to this fabulous, fascinating and unpredictable life of modelling.

I’ve worked with the internationally acclaimed Alex Telfer, for a major USA pharmaceutical ad, golf fashion shoots in the Algarve, wedding shoots at Ellingham Hall, holiday let ads and many lifestyle ad campaigns usually depicting someone’s mum or wife. Most recently I have worked with a regional film company on a Co-Vid19 Stay Safe photo and video ad campaign (so not glam at all).

In my spare time I like to work as a tv and film extra;

Emmerdale, Coronation Street, River City, Doctors, The A Word, All Creatures Great & Small, Outlander, Tin Star, The Nest, Belgravia, The Princess Switch 2, Censor, Vengeance, The Crown......

In my other spare time I like to visit my three grown up children who thankfully now all live somewhere else other than with me and Mister Grumpy. I enjoy overseas trips in my motorhome. Mostly I love taking my huge lumbering aged lurcher and mischievous whippet baby out on long hikes, before indulging in an enormous glass/bottle of very chilled white wine (always under a tenner though).

I’m interested in lifestyle photography shoots, fashion shoots, in fact all shoots that incorporate a bursting with life over fifty. Turning 50 was pivotal for me, it was the year I turned my back on the 9-5, suits, heels and general snooty back stabbing that goes on in the world of business and I went freelance. Freelance which usually means unemployed, with brief periods of lowly paid work, and the very occasional lovely big fat pay cheque, but most of all it is so bloody liberating. I love to explore, meet new people and just enjoy each day.



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