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"I'm back! How are you?"

"I'm back! How are you?"

Added 1497896087 by Sukhi.

After a short break, We are back with a brand new image. Please let us know your thoughts on this home shoot image :)

Paul Lucas PhotographyPaul Lucas Photography said, 1501102403

Stunning, so beautiful.

Catalina LoveCatalina Love said, 1500061726


SukhiSukhi said, 1498506320

Thanks Geoff:):)

geomacgeomac said, 1498506217

Beautiful Sukhi

SukhiSukhi said, 1497985022

Thanks Paul:)

PaulsedsPaulseds said, 1497948420

Stunning image as always great work both

photorunnerphotorunner said, 1497919191

Hello stranger - good to see you both back :)

SukhiSukhi said, 1497902954

Aww thanks @Hoplite:) Great feedback

HopliteHoplite said, 1497901843

Your eyes are always such a great focus of your work. Good work both.

SukhiSukhi said, 1497898084

Thanks Paul:):)



RichmemoryRichmemory said, 1497896228

Stunning as always my Sukhi x :)