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This is my third time working with Studio Grey and having previously had two great shoots which produced fantastic results I knew as always that I was in safe hands.

On this occasion due to not being able to source the wardrobe needed we had to imorovise and do a fashion shoot but I'm so glad we still got together as I loved what I was seeing on the camera.

Mark will always show you what he is getting and is great with direction and knows exactly what he's doing and what he needs to do to achieve the look he is going for.

Great ideas and stories behind images are something I really like about working with Mark and I look forward to when we can get together next to work on his newest concept.

Friendly and very easy to get on with, highly recommended!

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JessieRose said...

I have worked with Studio Grey on numerous occasions now and it has always been very professional and good fun.

Studio Grey always comes up with awesome and quirky ideas and you will never EVER have a dull shoot with him.

He is very welcoming and always made me feel comfortable.

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