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BTS SOOC triflector

BTS SOOC triflector / Photography by MidgePhoto, Taken at Studio f/11 (In abeyance) / Uploaded 18th May 2017 @ 01:27 AM

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The triflector is a set of reflective panels which help produce a clamshell type of lighting, useful for beauty/portrait images.

The light comes from one studio head, on a boom high and central. This can have a beauty dish, or a soft-box, or as in this illustration an umbrella, either reflecting or shoot-through - anything that produces a wide uniform light. This is angled a little more steeply down than if it was the only light, and the three reflective panels below fill in the light on the face. The side panels can be folded down, one or both, and otherwise angled for a degree of asymmetry and modelling of the features.

This is an unedited setup shot with a wider angle lens to show it in use with JazzJ.

The lighting and appearance are a touch futuristic and striking.

Style and makeup by JazzJ, hair by Ellie who is not on PP.