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Karla Greenleaf

I had my second shoot with Stretch the other day and it was absolutely one of the greatest days of my life. Stretch is not only a brilliant photographer but also one of the loveliest people you could ever meet. He is thoughtful, kind and great company. Stretch is always fully prepared and organized for a shoot with beautiful clothes and amazing locations in mind. This time he picked me up and dropped me back home after our studio shoot. He has a really great eye for what will make a good image and is one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever had the honour to work with, I’m always blown away by the images he captures and how effortless and fun a shoot with him is. I highly recommend working with him to anyone considering a shoot.Thank you again for everything Stretch! Looking forward to many more. ☺️

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I had my first shoot with Stretchy today, he very kindly offered to pick me up and we went to the lovely Quantocks for the shoot.

Stretchy is a true gent and every so often asked me if I was ok, as the weather was slightly chilly and windy. The time went so quickly, he is fun to work with and we had loads to chat about. I really enjoyed stretch’s company and very much look forward to working with him again.

I absolutely recommend working with Stretchy, he is easy going, professional and talented he produces such wonderful images.

Thank you so much Stretchy.

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Karla Greenleaf

During our shoot today I joked about how Stretchy already has 126 glowing references here on Purpleport and here is the 127th! You would not be able to find a friendlier or more talented photographer out there. From the moment we met Stretch was thoughtful, warm and an absolute pleasure to spend time with. He is full of incredible ideas and is very talented. His love of photography really shines through and he has such positive energy that despite the rainy day outside our shoot flew by in the blink of an eye and we still have loads of ideas to work on in the future. 110% recommend working with him to anyone who might be thinking about it! Thank you for the great day and the beautiful images already Stretch! ✨

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Had a fabulous second shoot yesterday with Stretchy.

It is so much fun when you both just get each other, and the ideas flow.

We shot on a similar theme to our first time, but the weather was so much warmer which made a big difference.

I love the fact he sends me some edits quickly and absolutely love his natural style that suits me.

I would 100% recommend Stretchy.

Can’t wait to book for our next shoot which will be a different style which I am really looking forward to

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Had a lovely shoot at my home with stretchy.

I found him to be on time and came with a bundle of goodies . Which is great because we models love posing in new outfits.

The shoot went quickly but I feel we got through alot and had a banter also .

Images are looking good and I'd welcome him into my home again 😁

Reccomended from me .

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Stretchy approached me to do a Shoot recently and I am so glad we did.

Stretchy’s pre communication were good and we agreed on an outdoor shoot fairly local to us both.

It was a sunny but bitterly cold day. But Stretchy made sure at all times i was ok and not too cold.

What a fun guy he is and a joy to work with.His direction is really good and he knows exactly what he wants to shoot which made it easy for me to pose

The two hours flew by and he even sent me an edited photo on his phone. How cool was that.

I have already received some edits that I absolutely adore.

This will be the first of many more shoots with Stretchy.

Would 100% recommend

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Jay Scott

Absolutely 100 percent recommended photographer.

Our shoot was my first proper shoot in years, after taking some time out. I was a little rusty but felt completely at ease.

The shoot went great. Lots of ideas flowing and the results were amazing.

More plans to shoot soon.


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I had such a great first shoot with Stretchy, he knew the style of images he wanted to achieve, he is very precise in a good way and knows what works best. I liked that he was happy to give direction in order to achieve what he wanted from the pictures. He was very professional but we had a laugh and chat whilst shooting. We got some great images and I’m looking forward to seeing them!

I would definitely recommend him and look forward to working with him again in the future

Thanks Kristen x

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Had a great shoot yesterday with stretchy,

Professional and so easy to get along with and down to earth.

The shoot went smoothly and we had lots of laughs along the way.

Cant wait to see the final images and shoot again in future ❤🥰

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Alicia Black

So happy managed to get the chance to shoot with stretchy ! He is amazing in person and so in love with his work. He's full of charm and humour I really enjoyed the shoot and it went way to fast. We shot at my apartment in bath. We shot a variety of implied and nude with fashion. Very honoured to have shot with him. He's always shooting all the pretty girls !

I hope to get the chance to shoot again with him very soon.

Thank you for a lovely shoot


Alicia x

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Evie Robertzon

This was my first shoot with Strechy, and I really can’t wait to shoot with him again! I am already loving the images. Strech has a fantastic energy which you can’t help but respond to. Not only that but he has a chilled out style of shooting, and I love the styling elements he bought to the shoot. He is clearly a natural at photography, and I hope we make more magic in the future!!

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Elouise Scarlett

This was my second shoot with Strechy and what a successful second shoot it was!!

He is so easy to work with, professional, respectful and friendly :)

I know that after every shoot I'll love every image he produces, definitely one of my favourite photographers to work with!

Whatever your level, I would highly recommend working with stretch, you won't be disappointed!

Thanks for a great day stretch, can't wait for a third shoot!


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Hannorah Model

This really was a long time coming! I have been talking to Stretch nearly a year ago since I first started modelling, and we have finally got together to shoot! An amazing relaxed day shooting a range of implied and art nude in glorious sunshine in fields, orchards and cars! Stretch made me feel comfortable and relaxed and really easy to talk to. So excited to have finally worked with you and to share the images. If you are looking for beautiful images and a great person to work with, Stretch is your man. Highly recommended to all models. Thank you again. Kind regards Hannorah x

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Eli Zah

Had a great shoot on location with Stretch! Have worked with him before some years ago, so I knew he was a sound guy - really easy to talk to, completely respectful, with a genuine passion for photography. Loved our previous shoot together and I think I loved this one even more!

Stretch was well organised, arrived on time, and pre comms were great. During the shoot he was always mindful of my comfort and privacy, and he'd brought some beautiful outfits which really helped us get something different. I love Stretch's style, he really has an eye for catching emotion within an image. He is especially talented at shooting portraits which I love!!

Stretch was very adaptive, working with changing natural light with ease. From the first set we got some absolute crackers, and the shots have come out beautifully - I am blown away by how delicate, emotive and sensual they are.

Had a lot of fun during the shoot and the time flew by - this was one of those shoots that didn't feel like work, it was creative, chilled, and we got some absolutely beautiful images.

Definitely recommend working with him and hope to do so again soon! xx

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Just had another fab shoot with stretchy.. he messaged me this morning for a last minute shoot and luckily for him I was available :) he’s so easy to work with and friendly and professional

As always it was another fantastic shoot,, I always enjoy shooting with stretchy as I know every time we get stunning images, by far one of my favourite photographers

I highly recommend to all and can’t wait to see the finished pictures

Thanks for another awesome shoot stretch

Louisa :) :)

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Jessica Holloway

Second shoot with Tony and just like the first went amazingly well.

Tony is a joy to work with and can always have a laugh. He creates such stunning photos and directs me well throughout the shoot to get the best shot.

He always makes sure I feel comfortable and not too cold. And can tell I’m cold even when im telling him ok haha!

We create some stunning images and I always look forward to seeing them after the shoot!

Honestly couldn’t recommend Tony enough thanks again for a fab shoot and look forward to our third!

Jess x

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Jessica Holloway

Worked with Tony for the first time and he is amazing at what he does he knows all the right angles and directs me well if needed. He made me feel comfortable and ease the whole shoot! The pictures he’s sent me are stunning and I love them. Look forward to working with you again :) x

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Claudia Sampford

Has a very short shoot with Stretchy which we organised the day before, despite this we had a really good shoot; the images were stunning (he's a very talented and approachable guy) I would definitely work with him again in the future and I recommend him to models of all levels and experience.

Thanks for a fab shoot!

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Josie Lauren

I had my second shoot with Stretchy today and he's already produced and posted some beautiful images!

I was feeling rather ill but Stretchy put up with my flagging energy levels and still managed to get me mucking about and laughing!

He has a beautiful eye for light and detail and even brings his own wardrobe (including a floral headdress I was more than happy to adorn myself with!).

Thank you for being patient with my rather run down self today Stretchy and I think the photos are a testament to his skill as photographer.

1000% recommend.

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I had an amazing shoot with Stretchy!

It’s always great to find a photographer that is so easy to work with and produce some amazing images...

he is very respectful, professional and makes the whole shoot a delight!

I would recommend Stretchy to all models.. new and experienced.. and would absolutely shoot with him again!

Thanks again Stretchy..

Milly x

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