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Brian had laid back personality that made me feel comfortable. He hasn't been shooting for long and I am quite surprised with some of the images. He is keen doing new things and willing to take on advice. I just feel sorry for him for coping with me for few hours lol. Thank you Brian for your time and patience, glad you came to the camera club!

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Sasha Oxide

Shot with Brian at a studio night at Fusion Studio, got some lovely images, really pleased :D highly recommend

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Victoria C

I had the pleasure of working with Brian at a group shoot at Fusion Studio.

Really nice guy easy to get on with and he took some fantastic images. Highly recommend anyone to work with him.

Hope to work again in the future.

Victoria x

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Had an excellent first group shoot with Brian today! Made me feel very comfortable an was very respectful had a proper laugh and captured some amazing images!! What a great night thankyou so much! Highly recommend 😊 x

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Amie Boulton

Brian is such a lovely guy!

I had pre communication with Brian who was interested in joining myself and Chris Conway on an event we were holding at onyx studio. He told me he had never worked with a model before and was a little on the nervous side. Well.... had he not have told me this I would never have known. He worked like a pro, he was respectful to me and others within the group, courteous and was able to direct me when there was something he was after in particular. Such a genuine person who I’m sure will do really well. I’m really happy he took the plunge and joined us as he was a great asset to the group and I’d have no hesitation on recommending him to others and hope to one day have the opportunity to work with him again. Thank you for coming along and helping make the day so fun and productive

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