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Holly Alexander

I worked with Andy today for a photoshoot at mine, and it went so well!

Time flew by, Andy was confident to go a long with my outfit and location ideas, and got some lovely images.

Highly recommended from me :)

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I worked with Andy on a themed shoot Snow White and the Evil Queen with myself as Snow White and a fellow model as the Evil Queen. He was fantastic and had plenty of ideas to add to ours! Really friendly and professional and we got some fantastic images which he also edited and sent through some the same day for me to look at! Looking forward to working with him again soon 😁😁

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Great shoot with Andy yesterday in such a nice location suggested by myself which Andy was down for shooting with. Got some amazing shots he knew which angels to shot to get the best shots we could and was a great team effort.

I started receiving edited images that same evening with some already on Instagram today. Editing skills are amazing so you truly get some beautiful final images.

Would definitely work with Andy again. If you haven't worked with Andy you are really missing out.

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Chelsea Gilbert

I had a shoot this afternoon with Andy after he responded to one of my castings. Andy’s pre-comms were amazing, he is truly an amazing, down to earth guy. I can’t fault him one bit, we had an amazing shoot and can’t wait to see the photos that were produced today.

I would 110% recommend Andy, definitely worth it!

Thankyou for a suburb shoot and look forward to working with you again! X

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Elle J

Wow what a genuine lovely guy! I had a great shoot with Andy at Darklens Studio for a 121 shoot. Pre shoot comms were really good, he arrived on time, was friendly and I enjoyed chatting to him throughout the shoot. He was polite and checked during the shoot that I was comfortable and okay which I really appreciated. He has a great eye for composition and is very talented. I hope I get the chance to work with him again. Highly recommended from me! Thanks Andy!

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Absolutely amazing. Had four or five shoots with Andy so far, and I really can't recommend him enough. Sends images within HOURS, helps with posing, very considerate and chatty.

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Had the pleasure of working with the lovely Andy today. And what a day it was! Although new to photography he was great from start to finish and has created some beautiful images!

He is easy to get on with which always makes my job easier and I know he will work his way to the top in the photography world as he shows true passion!

Definitely hope to work with him again in the future!!!

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Aatish Studio

Andy has been here twice this week, and he's a good guy to have around.

He's done both photography and videography here, both of which have worked out well for him.

He was also very helpful with setting things up too. Works very with his models.

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Had a shoot with Andy in Friday, at catfish studios, dispute Andy caking himself a novice his work was impeccable! I completely enjoyed every minute of it and he captured some incredible photos. Would 10/10 recommend and look forward to working again soon!

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Sherelle Nicole

Had a great first shoot with Andy today, he arrived on time, ready to go. He's very polite and refreshing and the time flew by! We produced some really great images and I would 100% recommend him. Thanks again Andy x

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Had a great shoot with Andy, really polite nice guy and got some good images thanks.

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Had the pleasure of being Andys first model :)

Andy was quite nervous to start with but soon came out his shell in no time!

Such a lovely lovely guy and I am very happy with our images. He is a great tog and has lots of potential. Pre comms were also on point!

Sarah Louise x

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