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So, hot on the tail of our previous shoot which I feel yielded brilliant images I asked Sophie if she'd come again, and to my delight, she did.

Everything I commented before remains true in spades. Sophie looks great, has a brilliant attitude and makes taking great images really easy. She underestimates how good she looks and as a consequence can be quite self critical. But that's a sign of someone taking their modelling seriously IMO. We did a wide range of shots before it was time for Sophie to drag her enormous case back onto the train for the great trek north.

Happily Sophie has agreed to yet more SophandAl happy snappery, and I'm keenly anticipating her return in few weeks. Whoopee.

Again, thanks for the shoot Sophie, brilliant work. Highly recommended

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Sophie is the latest recipient of the treasured ADWsPhotos ‘boggin’ excellent’ award. Sophie emerged from Maidenhead station dragging her huge case last night. She’s great company, my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed having her as a guest.

When we began to shoot it was immediately obvious why Sophie is so popular. She looks amazing, super face and hair, awesome toned figure.

We positively flew through sets, Sophie makes it tough for you to take a bad image, she poses with ease, looking great from frame to frame. We’ve talked about shooting again in a month or so. That will be mega spiffy!!!

Thanks for coming Sophie, see you soon. Boggin’ excellent!!!

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Rapture Photography

Thyme weights for nomads! Or something like that.

Sophie had been on my WTWW list forever and a day. Forever took took long but a day finally arrived. And, lordy, what a day!

We had specificness and vaguesness planned in equal measure. A ton of outfits were hauled up to the fabulous Two Wei and plots were hatched!

Our initial time quota was exceeded. Many sets shot from loft to cellar and indoors to outdoors.

Sophie is an undoubted beauty. Stunning from head to toe with a personality to match. I kinda knew we'd work together well but wasn't bold enough to expect us to gel quite so well. Constant chat, ideas, oodles of images and cups of tea. What's not to love?

From Sophie's trademark glistening figure work to 'girly' outfits and more demure looks, she nailed every single one of them. Not just that but she was also an absolute trooper in Carl's heated outdoor showerarium©.

Sophie is an interesting and entertaining lady and a beautiful and talented model.

Highly recommended and I can't wait to work with her again, and again xxx.

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Facet Fotos

My second shoot with Sophie. She is fun to work with and we have a good friendly rapport. The two hours quickly whizzed by. Sophie's physique is awesome and her great posing demonstrates this well. Sophie has loads of things to wear giving us plenty of choices and ideas during the shoot. I am really pleased with the photos. Thanks again so much Sophie, can't wait to work with you again :)

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Bad Boudoir

Sophie is a great model to work with and also a really fun person! She works quickly and knows how to pose perfectly in the best light. She is also very adaptable in her styles. Highly recommend you work with her!

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Not bad for an old bird! Err...Seriously Sophie is a smashing lady, great Comms pre shoot

Sophie is really easy going, laid back, a real pleasure to work with.

Happy to work with ideas and add to them, very professional attitude and work ethic, effortless posing and took direction well when given. Brought along a big selection of clothing - so you are spoilt for choice.

All in all a great day shooting with her. Got some fab images, would love to work with her again

Thanks Soph


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Had a great shoot with Sophie last week at my new studio space in Manchester. I was really excited to be shooting with her as her portfolio of work speaks for itself. I was not disappointed. This girl has the most amazing physique and knows just how to get the best of it infront of the camera. I was totally blown away by the images we were getting straight out of camera. I'm so looking forward to putting together a set for each look we did that I can't wait to publish them. Sophie is an absolute dream to work with. So down to earth, needs no direction and nails every look. Thanks again Sophie for coming down and stay tuned for edits ;)

100% recommended. 5 star model.

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Black Lemon Photography

I had fantastic shoot with Sophie.

Had created some mood boards as I personally wanted to create a sensual but vibrant and feminine images to show off her amazing toned body. Sophie got the vibe straight away and produced some stunning poses.... which resulted in an FPI today. Whoop, whoop.

It was a pleasure to work with such a beautiful and natural person.

Highly recommended.

Thank you Sophie.

Richard x

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VF Photography

Had a fab shoot with Sophie! She was professional, friendly and full of ideas and enthusiasm. Highly recommended! Thanks Sophie!

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What a great model. Highly recomend Sophie to any photographer wanting to boost their portfolio status. She's great to work with and very down to earth.

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Facet Fotos

I had a 3 hour studio shoot in York today with Sophie. It was great!:). Sophie is lovely to work with. She has good ideas, is a fantastic poser and is in excellent physical shape. What's more important to me is she is fun to work with, we had lots of laughs and she was willing to try anything I suggested to her. The time flew by, I was sorry to see the shoot end as I could easily have carried on all day. We were already talking about our next shoot together and I feel pretty sure we'll work together again. What a fab model ! Thanks so much Sophie . You are a star ! Definitely recommend.

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Had the absolute pleasure of working with Sophie very recently. A complete professional, an amazing communicator and an utterly fantastic person to work with. She has great vision, totally understood the concepts and worked immensely hard on a great shoot. I'd highly recommend and thank you!

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I've wanted to work with Sophie for ages now and was so pleased when I finally got the chance.

Sophie is laid back, funny and obviously beautiful. The time flew past and as expected she didn't disappoint.

Sophie's pre shoot comss prior to our shoot right up to her turning up on time were spot on and

the images we got are fantastic and would shoot with her again in a heartbeat.

Thanks for a lovely relaxed and funny day and for putting up with my weird requests and braving the elements!.

Looking forward to working with you again as soon as possible!.

Jamie x

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Worked with Sophie today. Sophie is so great to work with and brings so much to the shoot. Case of outfits, great humour and professionalism, amazing figure and face and a pure joy to work with. 110% recommemnded

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Saint Images

I was fortunate enough to work with Sophie last year on a shoot in York. She filled in at the last moment for another model who had become poorly. I am so glad she did agree to step in as we had a blast of a shoot which not only ended up with more great images than I had time to edit but also resulted in an FPI. Sophie is incredibly toned and beautiful but is also very happy to just go for it and never once complained when I asked her to try new poses and ideas.

Thoroughly recommended and definitely someone I want to work with again.

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1488240000Did not show up.

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Gareth Dix

I shot with Sophie for the first time the other day on a trip back to London and she made my job too easy! She knows exactly what works for her on camera and is a pleasure to work with. I really enjoyed our shoot outdoors in London and her experience as a model really comes through on the shoot. Her description in her bio isn't wrong though, she's such a warm lovely person but transforms into this amazingly fierce model as soon as the camera is on her. Highly recommended!

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Really enjoyed my shoot with Sophie a few days ago. She is a beautiful model with an amazing figure and a nice nature. I am very pleased with the images and will definitely be working with Sophie again shortly. Highly recommended.

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