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Georgie Anneliese

I had my first shoot with Craig a couple of days ago and what a great shoot we had ! Communication was great before during and after the shoot , Craig is super easy to get on with and a true professional. We originally wanted to shoot in the summer but still managed to get some great pics which I am in love with , can't wait to shoot with Craig again in the near future and I would highly recommend him 😁

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Had my first shoot with Craig yesterday and what a great shoot it was. Craig is so friendly and easy to get along with, we had such a laugh. Communication was great before, during and after. There was a clear idea of what was wanted from the shoot which was great and got us both on the same page.

I loved the images I saw on the back of the camera and cannot wait to see the final ones. Craig is a true professional and I would 100% reccomend him. I'm really excited to work with him again. Thank you!

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I had a great shoot with Craig yesterday, he’s very friendly and easy to get along with (infact so easy I turned into my sarcastic self too quickly and we couldn’t stop laughing all day). He’s very talented and I honestly couldn’t recommend him more. Considering how far away he is from me I am already planning my next shoot with him.

Ps if you don’t like Jaffa cakes then take your own snacks ;)

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I had an amazing shoot with Craig yesterday. He is a very professional and easy going person. Apart from amazing outcome we had a lot of fun, he made me laugh a lot. I would highly recommend him to anyone, and I look forward to working together again soon! ☺️

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Poppy Haskell

Had a great shoot with Craig this morning, he is one of my favourite photographers that I have worked with and was a real pleasure to meet him. We were shooting with one of his cars in a classic vintage style - I really loved some of the images on the back of the camera and can't wait to shoot with him again - he is really talented!

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Arielle Fox

Had a great shoot with Craig and his awesome car :)

The shoot was good fun and something a little different for me, really enjoyed it.

The images look great I would definitely work with him again

Highly recommended

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Home shoot with Craig on Friday, mostly lingerie, which was a 1st for him, so it was challenging on that level, and also having to rely on natural light in a foreign space, however I think he did pretty well all things considered!

Good pre comms, easy to work with, respectful of levels and really pleased with the end results - fast delivery too. Look forward to working with him again - with his wheels!

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