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Met Paul for a fashion shoot recently. It was very pleasant. Nice guy and lots of good conversation.

Recommended to all.

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Gabriella Knight

Great shoot with Paul!

Very chatty and friendly guy! Had lots of ideas and he made sure I’m happy with everything what we shot.

Paul is such a sweetheart and I would love to work with him again

Highly recommended

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Natalia Forrest

Shot with Paul last Friday morning for the umpteenth time at the coach house studio!!

I've shot with Paul many times now, each and every time we create something new, discuss ideas prior- pre comms spot on and to the point no messing- all clear, know exactly what I need to bring and do and what sets we're doing there.

Time flew by we did what he wanted to do and even had some spare time to shoot some Fashion!!

After shooting 2 lengthily videos!!i helped Paul with video and lighting, can't wait to see the footage!

Paul’s a great guy very chatty, easy going and relaxed and to the point.

I can recommended Paul to anyone.

Thanks for a great morning indeed!! And look forward to seeing you in December!!

Kind regards


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Gabriella Rosa

Had such a fun shoot with Peat!

We had a four hour shoot at the lovely studio The Coach House & the time flew by.

He had some great ideas for different outfits & we also played around with props.

We also had a interesting chat while we shot.

We worked through fashion, lingerie & nude.

He was 100% professional & I felt comfortable around him the whole time.

I would highly recommend & we even talked about shooting again in the future.

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he is incredible all round. a great person. we had a great time shooting and created some fantastic shots. Pre communications were good, 100% professional.

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Honour May

Peat's pre-shoot communications were to the point and comprehensive, he ensured I understand fully what we were shooting and what I need to bring. He had arrived early and had with him plenty of equipment, ideas, smiles and chatter. Peat is a friendly and down-to-earth photographer with a true talent for both photo and video work and bucketloads of enthusiasm! He never pushed my levels and always respected my boundaries, but wasn't afraid to let his bubbly and outgoing personality shine. Overall Peat is not only a fantastic photographer he is also a lovely man and I would Highly recommend him! 5* 10/10

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Rachelle Summers

Had another lovely shoot with Paul at The Coach House studio :)

Always a pleasure working with him, he’s very friendly and respectful and time flys by!

Happily recommended by me :)

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Emmerald Barwise

Had a lovely 1st shoot yesterday!

He is easy to work with and get on with as well as being lovely to talk too he is professional!

Cant wait to shoot again as we captured some lovely images! xx

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Another great shoot with Peat!

He knew exactly what he wanted to do and was able to bounce ideas off him!

Hes friendly, respectful, professional and fun to work with!

Thanks so much,


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Rachelle Summers

Had a lovely first shoot with Paul at the Coach House Studio.

Pauls pre shoot communications were great, he was incredibly respectful on the shoot itself and we had a good old natter whilst taking some lovely photos. Such an enjoyable shoot and would happily recommend him :)

Hope to work with him again in the future!

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Natalia Forrest

Shot with Paul Saturday early morning left Home at 04:30 a.m. only to shoot with him down in Kent at the coach house studio.

Goes to show he’s worth shooting for hey!!

We had a go at Fashion this time and the pictures we got were truly awesome!!

Paul’s a great photographer very chatty, easy going and relaxed.

I believe it was now intact our 8th shoot!!

Pauls straight to the point, know what he wants.

100 % recommended!!

Thanks for a great morning indeed!! And look forward to seeing you again very soon!!

Kind regards


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I shot with Peat at the coach house on my Kent tour. He was so easy to arrange the shoot with. Gave me exact dates and details right away.

He is a lovely person inside and to work with, we bounced ideas off one another and the shoot just flew by!

He is a great person to work with and i couldnt have asked for a better shoot.


100% Recommended!


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Penny Lee

I had my 2nd shoot with Paul at the weekend and what a pleasure it was. He is such a lovely photographer to work with. The 4 hours just flew by. His precommunications were spot on before hand. knew exactly what to bring with me.He had lots of ideas for the shoot which made it really enjoyable. Love working with Paul xx

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Poppy Haskell

I had a great shoot with Paul. He was extremely respectful of my levels which were different to his usual shoots but we had a great time and got some really cool shots. I would recommend him to models of all styles and genres! Poppy

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Bad Dolly

Second shoot with Paul over the weekend and just like the first it was great! He had loads of ideas and creative ways to use the available sets, he is passionate about photography and really easy to work with,

Highly recommended and thanks for a lovely afternoon!x

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Chelsey Louise

Had a great shoot with Paul last week. He was very accommodating from start to finish, and knew exactly what he wanted from the shoot. He was also a pleasure to chat to, and the time just flew by. Paul was friendly, easy to talk to and made me feel relaxed an and ease throughout the entire shoot. I hope to work with him again in the not so distant future. 100% recommended.

Chelsey x

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Tina Kay said...

Lovely GG shoot together with the best GG partner in business Natalia Forrest today.

Paul is open for ideas and different levels, genuinely tries to achieve good images, listens to models, always respectful, easy and pleasant to work with. Great team work! Recommended to all models to shoot with.

Thanks - Tina Kay

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Great shoot with peat yesterday :) what a lovely guy to work with! Respectful of levels at all times and also let me look at the pics in progress and make suggestions and re pose if needs be! Really pleased with the results highly recommended from my end :) thank you again

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What a lovely person to work with! Pre shoot communications were great, I new exactly what I would be doing and the shoot was well organised. He was friendly, extremely considerate, and had a very fun shoot! The pictures he has taken also look great! I would love to work with him again, highly recommended!

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Jodie Ellen

I had a lovely shoot with Paul a few weeks ago at the coach house.

Paul always has great arrangements and always has great idea for the day's shoot.

Paul is so easy to work with and professional.

100% recommened

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