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Howdy fellow PurplePorters!

I guess it's customary to introduce myself on an occasion such as this.  Well, I'm a photographer based in Ye Olde London Town (born and bred) and I've been in the business for a while.  Like many of the great photographers (okay, okay I'm not THAT great...yet!) I picked up a camera at a young age and started pointing it at things; buildings landscapes and people, and thoroughly fell in love with the creativity and power that a camera allows its user.

Fast-forward a few years.  I thought to myself "why not take my hobby a little more seriously?" and (hopefully) turn my part-time hobbyist interest into a flourishing and creative innovation.  So here I am!  Armed with my new camera and a fresh portfolio which I'll regularly update here on PurplePort, I'm brimming with some cool concepts that I'd love to explore.  So come on models, shoot me a message and maybe we can collab on a project.


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Looking for Female Models Who Smoke Cigarettes to Work From Home (Paid Work) ...
UK from Monday, March 30th to Thursday, April 30th.


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