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Helen Diaz

I worked with the lovely John after 4 years (cannot believe it! :P I had to go through the references and double check, it really doesn't feel this long!) He was very kind to sbook me for a full day whilst I was on tour. It was SO lovely to catch up and John and his wife who are such a lovely couple.

The last time I shot with John he was in the process of a massive extension to his home. Now it is finished and all I can say is: WOW. The studio and workmanship involved is SURREAL. The studio has everything you could possibly wish and lovely skylights with surround sound that will literally KNOCK you off of your feet! I have been in many beautiful homes but it was out of this world!

John is such a character to work with! So fun, down to earth, no airs or graces, personable and very creative. We had hilarious topics of conversation at times and I felt I could be myself. I loved the images which John was very kind to show me after the shoot and really look forward to the uploads!

Thankyou for the lunch and your kind hospitality also.

Highly recommended to all and I hope we don't leave it so long next time :) Helen x

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I shot with the wonderful John again at his fantastic home studio - this time on a duo with the amazing Tillie Feather :)

John is so hospitable, taking us out and buying us lunch. He put up with all our giggling and crazy posing :D

We created some absolutely amazing images and I cannot wait to see them!

Highly recommended

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Gabriella Knight .

Great shoot with John at his amazing studio/house in Kent! I was super excited when John messaged me saying that he would like to shoot me! I love his work and I was so tempted to try pole shoot!

John is very kind ,respectuf and made you feel comfortable.

I truely enjoyed my shoot with John!

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Rose Magdalene Child

I can't believe how many years have passed since our first shoot....wow! Time really does fly. However, seeing John and his wife again it seemed like it was only last week that i'd seen them. They both welcomed me into their home like I was part of the family. They were kind enough to put me up in their home for the night and even fed me *FILLET STEAK* plus wine on arrival - it really doesn't get any better than that does it :D haha.

I had the most wonderful shoot with John the following day at his home studio. And boy is it a home studio....! It is truly magnificent. In fact the whole house is an absolute marvel and a credit to John for doing most of it himself. More than just a photographer, he can turn his hand to anything. Amazing.

Our shoot was a mix of dynamic art nudes, dance and gymnastics, with some halloween themed portraits and some glamour style shots too. Every set was a winner! I cannot believe the amount of keepers from each set.

John's set up in the studio is incredible, it is a really spacious room with a high ceiling and a huge 82"? TV on the wall which he tethers the images straight too whilst you are shooting so that you can see exactly what your poses look like and it gives you a chance to change anything on the spot pretty much which I found to be super helpful.

He is very respectful at all times ensuring my comfortability and welfare. He allows for breaks in between strenuous sets and we often stopped for tea/snack breaks too. It really is very laid back working with John but also very productive and a successful shoot.

I highly highly recommend him and would work with him again no problem at all,

Kindest Regards and thank you again

Tillie x

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I had my first shoot with John, and it was one of my most memorable shoots. He's a total gentleman, very respectful, makes sure you are well fed, warm and comfortable at all times, and he makes sure you are always happy. He's also a fun person, conversations are interesting and enjoyable, the shooting time just flies, and creates great images. I would definitely work with him again, highly recommended :)

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Amy Rose

Worked with John whilst working in Kent,

John had great communications and was very patient whilst everything was happening :).

John's shoot's are certainly creative and would advise any model to warm their muscles up before heading into his shoots. This said if you are a trained dancer or gymnast then you will have no problems with John's shoots.

His house is stunning and very impressive, especially his studio :).

I would like to thank John for letting me keep what we created and for the gorgeous prints he provided. Much appreciated x

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I worked with John all day at his beautiful home studio in Kent last week. John picked me up from the train station was kind enough to take me go and get my lunch for the day which I really appreciated. We spent the best part of 8 hours exploring different set ups and looks, experimenting with lots of different art nude poses and I was lucky enough to use the hoop/pole and arial props. I was really impressed at how well John set this all up and we took some stunning images! John always made sure I was ok and feeling 100% comfortable, we had some fantastic and in depth chats and there was lots of laughter when things didn't really go to plan! But John still carried on really well with a positive attitude and it made for a really enjoyable day :) I would highly recommend him and I really hope to work with him again in the future!

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Helen Stephens

I would totally recommended working with John!

John is an utterly wonderful human and I liked being in his company immediately. He is kind, generous, thoughtful, interesting and we had some brilliant chats - ranging from politics to downright silly banter! It was terrific fun!

I had the privilege of working in his fantastic new home studio and although it wasn't quite finished, it was still fun to work in and I know it's going to be epic once it's finished.

We covered a whole range of styles - and I even got to pose on a pole and use silks!

John is such a considerate person and on the day of our shoot I kept feeling a little unwell, but he was so incredibly patient with me whilst I had to keep taking brief breaks to lie down - he even found a huge teddy for me to lay my head on!! Haha! It goes to show how enjoyable it is to work with John, as although I wasn't feeling my most disco, I still had an incredible time and the pictures look epic!

Thank you again for a brilliant shoot John!

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Joceline Brooke-Hamilton

I had a super shoot with John and his very lovely wife at their house last week. Pre-shoot communications were excellent, John was courteous throughout our shoot and had very clear ideas of what he was looking for, which gave me a holiday, it's nice to be directed. It was nice to have the chance to have breaks and look through the work too, it's rewarding to see the results on the day. John treated me kindly throughout our shoot and I'd certainly recommend him to other models, and wouldn't hesitate to work with him again myself.

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Had the absolute pleasure of shooting with John. Pre communications was excellent, John was friendly, very easy going and looked after me well!!

John made me feel very comfortable at his home. Whilst shooting we managed to get through many sets at a relaxed pace, had plenty of breaks and was able to see the results we was producing. Could not ask for more.

Thank you for an enjoyable day and I am looking forward to our next shoot.

Highly recommended.


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Sister Of Sinister

I had the most wonderful shoot with John a few days ago and what a blast I had, it was spectacular :) John kindly picked me up and kindly dropped me back home. He is a very lovely person to be around, completely professional and super friendly :) John made me feel so comfortable and at home along with producing such beautiful images :) I was in very good hands and I was blown away by the images we produced it was overall amazing. I had a super time and even received a stunning printed image, which I shall treasure :)

I would highly recommend John and I am very much looking forward to working with you again soon :) xxx

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Helen Diaz

I worked with John at his lovely home on a recent tour to the area on a full days shoot- and what a fantastic and memorable day I had! John and his wife are so lovely to be around, super easy to get on with, kind and considerate. The day was very relaxed, with plenty of refreshments and tea breaks (and Kate Bush streaming in the background= my ideal shoot! :) ) John even bought me out to buy lunch to eat back at the home, which was so kind of him.

John is a character- full of humour and mischief! I loved his wicked sense of humour and he made me laugh throughout the day! We managed a whole range of different sets, incorporating some of my props- and Johns fantastic smoke machine, which was great fun and one of my favourite props for a shoot! The home studio was a great set up- I love working in homes with home comforts!

John also kindly printed me out two A1 prints in superb quality from the day- a really thoughtful gesture and I have never seen such a big printer in someones home! :)

I also greatly enjoyed meeting their 101 year old lodger, who was adorable- and the 20 year old cat. What a character and really hope we work together again soon :) Helen x

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Romana Lee

Just had my first shoot with john he collected me from station I had a great shoot and was a total pleasure to work with him made me feel more than comfortable , and already sorted a date for next shoot got some great images from today highly recommended to all models thanks again john!

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Babyblue said...

Was truly a lovely experience shooting with John. He is professional ,friendy and very hospitable making sure I had enough food ,water and was comfortable.

His work is amazing and he sure knows the best tips and angles for a flattering picture !I was so pleased to see the results.

Had a wonderful day ! Thanks John !:)

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Selena B

Great shoot with John showed me what he wanted and communicated well before during and after the shoot,could see I wasn't comfortable with some poses so adjusted accordingly

Focused on red lingerie and got some fantastic images,I was extremely pleased with the shoot,the prints and the images I received.John is the first photographer to use my images on his portfolio so that has made me feel extremely positive being a newer model.

John showed me the images throughout the shoot and adjusted them to my liking.

For my first official paid shoot I came away very happy and would recommend John as a photographer to other models.

Thankyou John.

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I did a shoot with John yesterday, and i can say it was a very great shoot, he was like me very bubbly whats good because was a fun shoot, we had a laugh aswell, him and his wife are so lovely they make you feel so comfortable and they help you with things easy if you need it, the shoot went fast, i was amazed when got to train station and seen how it looked around the area, would recommend too anyone, and would 100% shoot with him again

many thanks

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I was suppose too off shooted with John today, but i didn't, as he said he sent me loads of texts but nothing had come through as my phone has been messing about the past week so thats not his fault!, he offered to pay for tansport which was lovely off him!, so i gave him my paypal but i couldnt check for couple days due to phone playing up and i was busy, when i had the chance i had checked but nothing came through to my paypal and because nothing came through and i didnt hear nothing of him i pressumed that the shoot was cancelled like most people would think it!, but then not long realised he messaged me earlier this morning but i was asleep and because i thought shoot was off i had a lie in, but overall at first we had very good comminication at first.

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I really enjoyed working with John. Communication before the shoot was perfect. We were shooting in a hotel with two other models and John really looked after us. It was a relaxed and fun shoot with many breaks and delicius dinner. We did a few outfit changes and we were shooting in a different places... I'm really happy with the results of our work. It was a pleasure to work with John. He is very professional, friendly, helpful and easy to work with. Highly recommended!

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Faith Starr Model

My second shoot with John this time for a hotel promo ad. John is really a wonderful person to work with, he ensures his models are well looked after, very friendly and open to suggestions. I had so much fun working with him again and he is always a pleasure to work with. Will gladly recommend him to all.

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Amberlin Michelle

John is very considerate and welcoming. He knows what he wants to capture and give great direction to create the best image possible.

The pre-communication was good, and we had great fun on the shoot. He is an admirable person with a lot to give.

Look forward to shooting again,

Maya x

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