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Hi All

We are Julie and Simon and thanks for taking the time to read.

About Us...

So we are a husband and wife team who are very experienced in pushing buttons on cameras (well we like to think we are), and are pretty capable of directing people. The good news is we fall into that category of photographers who regularly pay for shoots with experienced models.

As for TFP, we are more than happy to work with new or aspiring models, but having had some bad experiences with TFP, we only do this with very carefully selected models. It just doesn't work for us in terms of portfolio growth.

Stuff we like...

Cake, chocolate, more cake, baby animals, expression, mood, punctuality and general chat and good humour.  We can chat about anything really (except sport).

Stuff we don't like... 

Football, spiders (even baby spiders), lateness and arrogance. We really really dislike one word responses to castings, e.g. 'interested' or 'DM me' especially when we are paying for the shoot ! A bit more on that below.

We identify a lot of our prospective models on IG as well. So models who want to work with us who do the whole follow/unfollow thing, we are probably not a good fit for you (bearing in mind we like to build long term professional business relationships). Actually to be totally up front, any model who does do this, particularly with prospective paying clients (as we are), we simply will not ever work with. At best it's a little naive and at worst entirely unprofessional.  Rant over !!

Our Style...

Faces, people and moods - certainly no smiles, flowers or close ups of butterflies. The use of male and female nudity in an artistic way is perfectly acceptable but just to put it out there on the table, we don’t shoot adult, or anything which we consider to be gratuitous flashing of peoples bits for the hell of it. It really doesn't float our boat (neither does extreme enhancement of bits of body or the use of any filters on images).

Safety Stuff...

Serious but important - we both are or have been safeguarding professionals and have enhanced DBS certificates. We are super professional and have over 50 references to show that.

We shoot both together and individually but we always bring wit, creative style and when together a certain level of mutual piss taking out of each other. 


We regularly put out paid castings as we like to work with people we may not normally have encountered on here if we just message models direct - call it a bit of a lucky dip approach! But a plea based on our experiences with castings - please read the detail and don’t just take a chance as any random message will just be deleted. We generally have a rule of thumb that if there are no references, no checkable portfolio or any no shows/cancellations then we don’t entertain the application (sorry!).

Being honest anyone who applies to a paid casting we put out with less than two sentences will just get deleted - we get that wound up about this sort of sh*t as you are taking our money so should consider it a bit of a job application.  And men - if you apply for a casting by sending us a picture of your cock out then it’s not going to be happening no matter how magnificent it may be!

We also advertise our castings regularly on StarNow for those that have profiles there.

Please if you want to work with us then just drop us a line.  We really do like to hear from established and new models.

Take care

Julie & Simon

Insta: @jascphotographyuk

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